Code of Conduct


Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) User Facility Code of Conduct

ARM management is committed to a safe and respectful working environment. Collaborations with a wide variety of people from many organizations and countries are critical to the success of the ARM facility and each staff member. All ARM staff and visitors work under the codes-of-conduct for their individual institutions that define appropriate behavior in the workplace and declare that any form of harassment is unacceptable. The distributed nature of ARM activities, however, can make it challenging to know who to inform if something inappropriate is experienced or witnessed. Inappropriate actions can range from any form of harassment, to financial fraud/waste/abuse, to unsafe work conditions or procedures.

If you experience, witness, or have knowledge of behavior contrary to these expectations, you should follow your institutional guidance. Each institution has procedures for addressing these issues; however, you are also encouraged to contact the ARM Associate Director for Operations or Technical Director. If the occurrence is at an ARM observatory, contact the ARM manager for that observatory. If needed, contact the DOE ARM Program Manager.

Depending on the type and severity of the concern, the issue will be brought to the appropriate institution’s attention. Additionally, the DOE Office of Science provides information about expectations of conduct and avenues for reporting incidences that you experience or observe.

ARM management expects all facility activities to be carried out in a safe, professional, and highly ethical way. Treating everyone with dignity and respect sets the right environment to support the collaborations and success we wish for all ARM participants and staff.