Guidelines : Annual Facility Call


Proposals for field campaigns that include deployment of an ARM Mobile Facility (AMF) are solicited annually and are reviewed by the ARM Science Board. The Board also reviews proposals for fixed site or offsite campaigns with costs to ARM greater than $300k; however, note that limited funding is available to support such campaigns.

Campaign proposals should be submitted 18 to 24 months before the proposed start date; additional lead time can be considered for campaigns that require international coordination.

Proposals are accepted from any member of the scientific research community. The first step in proposing a field campaign is to submit a preproposal—a short summary of the proposed campaign and requested resources.

The preproposal will be reviewed by the ARM Infrastructure Management Board (IMB), who will evaluate use of the facility, potential collaborations, costs, logistics, safety, and mission relevance and decide whether to invite a full proposal. Only invited full proposals will be sent for review by the ARM Science Board.

Announcement: Open Call

Preproposals are due April 5, 2019, for:

  • Use of the second ARM Mobile Facility – AMF2, excluding the Scanning ARM Cloud Radar (SACR), will be available for deployment beginning in January 2022.
  • Supplemental campaigns – Moderate-size campaign proposals to augment an ARM atmospheric observatory will be considered for calendar years 2020−2021. The amount of lead time required will be contingent on the complexity of the proposed campaign.
  • The Gulfstream-159 aircraft will not be available for this call.

Note: ARM will consider proposals to fly guest instruments on tethered balloon systems at Oliktok Point, Alaska, or the Southern Great Plains (SGP) atmospheric observatory. Flights will take place in late summer (August) at Oliktok, or summer or fall at the SGP. Submit by March 15 to be considered.

General Outline for Annual Call

  • Preproposals due to ARM (required).
  • Invitation to submit a full proposal.
  • Full proposals due to ARM.
  • ARM Science Board review.
  • Announcement of selected proposals.

Available Facilities

Availability of major ARM resources is somewhat different due to commitments to existing field campaigns. Principal investigators who request multiple ARM resources for a single field campaign proposal should clearly identify and justify the role of each resource and its contribution to the overall scientific objectives of the campaign. The available component for the April 5, 2019, annual Call for Proposals is the second ARM Mobile Facility (AMF2).

Full Proposal Requirements

More details on the information that will be requested in a full proposal can be found in the ARM Field Campaign Guidelines.

Research Funding

Please note that for successful proposals, ARM provides the operational and logistical resources to conduct the proposed campaign; however, ARM does not provide research funding associated with the campaign.

Principal investigators (PIs) should demonstrate in their proposal that funding for research has already been secured or that a research grant is being submitted. Please indicate which funding agency or Office of Biological and Environmental Research (BER) science program is being contacted to support research associated with the campaign. If the PI anticipates requesting funding from a BER science program, they should contact the appropriate BER science program manager to discuss potential support before submitting their ARM proposal.

For More Information

PIs are encouraged to contact the appropriate site or facility manager about logistical questions as they prepare their proposals. They may also contact the ARM Field Campaign Administrator for general questions about the ARM proposal process.