20 Years of ARM History Chronicled in Monograph

Published: 27 December 2016
Some people who contributed to the ARM Program between 1990 to 2009.
Some people who contributed to the ARM Program between 1990 to 2009: (a) Tom Ackerman; (b) Bob Ellingson; (c) Sally McFarlane, Rob Wood, Allison McComiskey, Matthew Shupe, Steve Ghan, Jian Wang, and Ashley Williamson; (d) Minghua Zhang; (e) Steve Ghan; (f) Matt Macduff, Dick Eagan, and Rick Wagener; (g) John Goldsmith; (h) Jimmy Voyles and Wanda Ferrell; (i) Maike Ahlgrimm; (j) Christian Jakob and Ted Cress; (k) Mark Miller; (l) Dave Turner and Eli Mlawer; (m) Kuo-Nan Liou and Andy Lacis; (n) Randy Peppler; (o) Steve Klein; (p) Raymond McCord; (q) Ken Moran and Kevin Widener; (r) Marv Wesely; (s) Mark Ivey, Doug Sisterson, Bob Ellingson, and Warren Wiscombe; (t) Roger Marchand; u) Jim Mather; (v) Warren Wiscombe, Chuck Long, Jay Mace, Matthew Shupe, and Dave Turner; (w) Sally McFarlane.

The ARM monograph, an online document written by ARM veterans and published by the American Meteorological Society, is now fully available—all 30 chapters and its three appendices. Chronicling the history of the first two decades of ARM, this monograph, entitled The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program: The First 20 Years, covers:

  • How ARM evolved operationally and scientifically.
  • How it expanded its fixed and mobile sites.
  • What it has contributed to climate change science.
  • How it inspired international research analogs.
  • What its data targets have been, from spectral radiation and aerosol optical properties to radiative fluxes and water vapor profiles.
  • What its impact has been on regional and large-scale climate models.

The full ARM monograph is freely available to download from the AMS website at http://journals.ametsoc.org/toc/amsm/57.

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The ARM Climate Research Facility is a national scientific user facility funded through the U.S. Department of Energy’s Office of Science. The ARM Facility is operated by nine Department of Energy national laboratories.