Educational Kiosk Installed at ARM Site in Nauru

The kiosk at Nauru.
Children surround the newly installed kiosk at the Nauru airport.

Surround by the Pacific Ocean, the Republic of Nauru is a small island inhabited by people who have a keen understanding of the importance of weather and climate. Coastal erosion, drought and rising sea level are only a few concerns Nauruans have related to climate change, and now they have a new forum for expressing those concerns and educating future generations about the delicate balance that exists between the ocean and atmosphere. On November 8, 2006, ARM Education and Outreach staff installed the Climate Change: Science and Traditional Knowledge kiosk that was developed specifically for the community of Nauru. More than 30 students, along with their teachers, attended the official launch of the kiosk at the departure lounge of the Nauru Airport.

The kiosk at Nauru.
Two children at the TWP kiosk dedication at Nauru sport ARM Climate Research Facility headwear.

Beginning in 2003, ARM Education and Outreach interviewed elders and community leaders about their observations of climate change on the island. Several scientists from the ARM Program and Australian Bureau of Meteorology were interviewed to provide scientific information about climate and the research they are doing on Nauru. All this information was compiled into a touch-screen kiosk and translated into Nauruan, the native language of the people of Nauru. The primary purpose of the kiosk is to encourage students to take an interest in learning about weather and climate, and to promote awareness of the research ARM is doing on the island.

Mr. Baron Waqa, Minister of Education, attended the official launch in support of the kiosk. “ARM has had a presence in our schools for many years,” Mr. Waqa said, “I hope the working relationship continues.” ARM Education and Outreach presented Mr. Waqa with four computers for classroom use.

Elders who attended the opening were presented with certificates of appreciation for their contributions to the kiosk. TWP Site Manager Larry Jones thanked the Nauruan government for its ongoing support of ARM’s research on the island.