Measurement : Liquid water path

A measure of the weight of the liquid water droplets in the atmosphere above a unit surface area on the earth, given in units of kg m-2.

Cloud Properties


The above measurement is considered scientifically relevant for the following instruments. Refer to the datastream (netcdf) file headers of each instrument for a list of all available measurements, including those recorded for diagnostic or quality assurance purposes.

  • ARM Instruments
    • MWR : Microwave Radiometer
    • MWRP : Microwave Radiometer Profiler
  • Field Campaign Instruments
    • AERIOE : AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile and Cloud Retrieval
    • AMT : Aerosol Modeling Testbed
    • CLDAEROSMICRO : Cloud and Aerosol Microphysical Properties
    • VARANAL : Constrained Variational Analysis
    • MWR-JPL : JPL Microwave Radiometer
    • MWRRET : MWR Retrievals
    • MWR : Microwave Radiometer
    • MWR-ETL : Microwave Radiometer - ETL
    • MWRP : Microwave Radiometer Profiler
    • VISST : Minnis Cloud Products Using Visst Algorithm
    • PRECIPRET : Precipitation Retrievals
    • WRF-CHEM : Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model Output

Value-Added Products


  • MWR : Microwave Radiometer Datastreams
    • MWRLOS : Microwave Water Radiometer (MWR): water liq. & vapor along line of sight (LOS) path
  • MWRP : Microwave Radiometer Profiler Datastreams
    • MWRP : Microwave Radiometer data (MWR Profiles - QME), water vapor, temp, cloud liquid water, precip water retrievals