Evaluation Product : Aerosol Best Estimate

The Aerosol Best Estimate (ABE) Value Added Product (VAP) provides profiles of aerosol extinction, single scatter albedo, asymmetry parameter, and wavelength dependence for all times and heights at the ARM Northern Slopes of Alaska (NSA) Barrow facility. The ABE VAP provides several best estimate values including Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) at 500 nm and 355 nm, and Best Estimate Angstrom Exponent and Aerosol extinction profiles. The ABE provides estimates of the aerosol optical properties in all conditions (clear, broken clouds, overcast clouds, etc). It also provides the aerosol extinction profiles, single scatter albedo and asymmetry parameter as a function of height. Note: SGP data are now released as a regular ARM value-added product in the main ARM Archive.

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