Evaluation Product : ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data

The ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data (ACRED) set is a multi-year cloud microphysical property ensemble data set created by assembling existing ARM cloud retrievals, which are based on multiple cloud retrieval algorithms. Currently, ACRED contains the cloud microphysical properties from 9 ground-based cloud retrieval products for 5 ARM permanent research sites. One purpose of developing such an ensemble data set is to provide a rough estimate of the uncertainties in current ARM retrieved cloud microphysical properties for climate model evaluation and development. ACRED is also a useful data set that can be used to understand the nature of the uncertainties or biases that are closely associated with the retrieval techniques. The quantities in ACRED are averaged over one hour time interval with vertical resolution of 45 m, consistent with the ARM Climate Modeling Best Estimate (CMBE) data set, to facilitate the use of the cloud property data by climate modelers. The data are currently available for the 5 ARM Climate Research Facility sites: SGP.C1 (Lamont, OK), NSA.C1 (Barrow, AK), TWP.C1 (Manus Island, PNG), TWP.C2 (Nauru), and TWP.C3 (Darwin, AU) for the period when these data are available. For each site, ACRED contains 3 to 6 retrieval products.

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