Evaluation Product : MWR Retrievals of Cloud Liquid Water and Water Vapor

A new algorithm is being developed for the ARM Program to derive liquid water path (LWP) and precipitable water vapor (PWV) from the 2-channel (23.8 and 31.4 GHz) microwave radiometers (MWRs) deployed at ARM climate research facilities. This algorithm utilizes the "monoRTM" radiative transfer model (http://rtweb.aer.com), a combination of both an advanced statistical and physical-iterative retrieval, and brightness temperature offsets applied before the retrieval is performed. This allows perhaps the most accurate possible retrievals of LWP and PWV from the MWR that is possible.

Note: SGP, NSA, TWP, HFE, GRW, NIM and FKB MWRRET data are now available from the regular ARM Archive

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