Ka ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR): filtered spectral data, general mode, co-polarized mode

Active Dates
2011.01.20 - 2014.04.18

Measurement Categories
Atmospheric State, Cloud Properties

Originating Instrument
Ka ARM Zenith Radar (KAZR)


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Measurement Units Variable
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
North latitude degree_N lat
Locator Mask for Spectra unitless locator_mask ( time, range )
East longitude degree_E lon
Mean Doppler Velocity m/s mean_doppler_velocity ( time, range )
Ship pitch, axis starboard-to-port, positive is bow up deg pitch ( time )
Range (center of radar sample volume) m range ( range )
Reflectivity dBZ reflectivity ( time, range )
Ship roll, axis along ship length, positive is port up deg roll ( time )
Signal-to-noise ratio dB signal_to_noise_ratio ( time, range )
Spectra 10 * log(signal power in milliwatts) spectra ( numspectra, speclength )
Spectral Width m/s spectral_width ( time, range )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )
Spectral velocity bins m/s velocity_bins ( speclength )


North Slope Alaska
NSAC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Barrow AK
Southern Great Plains
SGPC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Lamont, OK
Tropical Western Pacific
TWPC1Browse DataCentral Facility, Manus I., PNG
TWPC3Browse DataCentral Facility, Darwin, Australia
ARM Mobile Facility
GANM1Browse DataGan Airport, Gan Island, Maldives
MAGM1Browse DataLos Angeles, CA to Honolulu, HI - container ship Horizon Spirit
TMPM1Browse DataU. of Helsinki Research Station (SMEAR II), Hyytiala, Finland; AMF2


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Dan Nelson
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Vijay Venkatesh
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Iosif (Andrei) Lindenmaier
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Karen Johnson
data analysis
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