Datastream : IRT

Infrared Thermometer: Sky brightness temperature

Active Dates
2001.02.22 - 2015.10.05

Measurement Categories

Originating Instrument
Infrared Thermometer (IRT)


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Measurement Units Variable
Altitude above mean sea level m alt
Base time in Epoch seconds since 1970-1-1 0:00:00 0:00 base_time
Battery voltage V internal_voltage ( time )
North latitude degree_N lat
Logger Temperature C logger_temp ( time )
East longitude degree_E lon
Quality check results on field: Internal Reference Infra-Red Temperature unitless qc_ref_ir_temp ( time )
Quality check results on field: Surface infra-red temperature unitless qc_sfc_ir_temp ( time )
Quality check results on field: Sky infra-red temperature unitless qc_sky_ir_temp ( time )
Quality check results on field: Sky Infra-Red Temperature, Maxima unitless qc_sky_ir_temp_max ( time )
Quality check results on field: Sky Infra-Red Temperature, Minima unitless qc_sky_ir_temp_min ( time )
Quality check results on field: Time offset from midnight unitless qc_time ( time )
Internal Reference Infra-Red Temperature K ref_ir_temp ( time )
Number of averaged samples unitless samples_in_average ( time )
Surface infra-red temperature K sfc_ir_temp ( time )
Sky Infra-Red Temperature K sky_ir_temp ( time )
Sky Infra-Red Temperature, Maxima K sky_ir_temp_max ( time )
Sky Infra-Red Temperature, Minima K sky_ir_temp_min ( time )
Sky Infra-Red Temperature, Standard Deviation K sky_ir_temp_std ( time )
Time offset from midnight time ( time )
Time offset from base_time time_offset ( time )


Eastern North Atlantic
ENAC1 Browse Data Browse PlotsGraciosa Island, Azores, Portugal
North Slope Alaska
NSAC1 Browse DataCentral Facility, Barrow AK
Southern Great Plains
SGPC1 Browse Data Browse PlotsCentral Facility, Lamont, OK retired
SGPE1 Browse DataLarned, KS retired
SGPE2 Browse DataHillsboro, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE3 Browse DataLeRoy, KS retired
SGPE4 Browse DataPlevna, KS retired
SGPE5 Browse Data Browse PlotsHalstead, KS retired
SGPE6 Browse DataTowanda, KS retired
SGPE7 Browse DataElk Falls, KS retired
SGPE8 Browse DataColdwater, KS retired
SGPE9 Browse DataAshton, KS
SGPE10 Browse DataTyro, KS retired
SGPE11 Browse DataByron, OK
SGPE12 Browse DataPawhuska, OK
SGPE13 Browse DataLamont, OK (Extended)
SGPE15 Browse DataRingwood, OK
SGPE16 Browse DataVici, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE18 Browse DataMorris, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE19 Browse DataEl Reno, OK retired
SGPE20 Browse DataMeeker, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE21 Browse DataOkmulgee, OK
SGPE22 Browse DataCordell, OK retired
SGPE24 Browse DataCyril, OK retired
SGPE27 Browse DataEarlsboro, OK retired
SGPE31 Browse DataAnthony, KS
SGPE32 Browse DataMedford, OK
SGPE33 Browse DataNewkirk, OK
SGPE34 Browse DataMaple City, KS
SGPE35 Browse DataTryon, OK
SGPE36 Browse DataMarshall, OK
SGPE37 Browse DataWaukomis, OK
SGPE38 Browse DataOmega, OK
Tropical Western Pacific
TWPC1 Browse DataCentral Facility, Manus I., PNG retired
TWPC2 Browse DataCentral Facility, Nauru Island retired
TWPC3 Browse DataCentral Facility, Darwin, Australia retired
ARM Mobile Facility
ACXM1 Browse DataOff the Coast of California - NOAA Ship Ronald H. Brown; AMF2
GRWM1 Browse DataGraciosa Island, Azores, Portugal retired
MAGM1 Browse Data Browse PlotsLos Angeles, CA to Honolulu, HI - container ship Horizon Spirit; AMF2 retired
MAOM1 Browse Data Browse PlotsManacapuru, Amazonas, Brazil; AMF1
OLIM1 Browse Data Browse PlotsOliktok Point, Alaska
PVCM1 Browse Data Browse PlotsHighland Center, Cape Cod MA; AMF 1 retired
TMPM1 Browse DataU. of Helsinki Research Station (SMEAR II), Hyytiala, Finland; AMF2
 retired = Originating instrument has been retired at this location


Victor Morris
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(509) 372-6144