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The objective of the ARM Broadband Heating Rate Profile (BBHRP) Project is to provide a structure for the comprehensive assessment of our ability to model atmospheric radiative transfer for all conditions. Required inputs to BBHRP include surface albedo and profiles of atmospheric state (temperature, humidity), gas concentrations, aerosol properties, and cloud properties. In the past year, the Radiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate (RIPBE) VAP was developed to combine all of the input properties needed for BBHRP into a single gridded input file. Additionally, an interface between the RIPBE input file and the RRTM was developed using the new ARM integrated software development environment (ISDE) and effort was put into developing quality control (qc) flags and provenance information on the BBHRP output files so that analysis of the output would be more straightforward.

This new version of BBHRP, sgp1bbhrpripbeC1.c1, uses the RIPBE files as input to RRTM, and calculates broadband SW and LW fluxes and heating rates at 1-min resolution using the independent column approximation. The vertical resolution is 45 m in the lower and middle troposphere to match the input cloud properties, but is at coarser resolution in the upper atmosphere. Unlike previous versions, the vertical grid is the same for both clear-sky and cloudy-sky calculations.

A 30-min averaged file, sgp30bbhrpripbeC1.c1, is also available. The 30-min file includes averages of all the calculated flux and heating rate profiles and the top of atmosphere flux measured by geostationary satellite. The 30-min average is centered on the satellite measurement time.

The new BBHRP-RIPBE product has been implemented for a five year period (Mar 2002 to June 2007) at the Southern Great Plains site and this data is currently available for evaluation.

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Contact Laura Riihimaki
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Content time range 28 February 2002 - 29 December 2010


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