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The Aerosol Modeling Testbed (AMT) is a means of organizing a wide range of measurements into a single data set that modelers can use to evaluate the performance of aerosol, chemical, and meteorological process modules. The Carbonaceous Aerosol and Radiation Effects Study (CARES) testbed case consists of all the measurements from the ARM field campaign during June 2010 in the vicinity of Sacramento, California. Operational meteorological, air quality, and surface and satellite aerosol optical depth data is included to supplement and enhance the value of the CARES data. The software that is provided in AMT extracts model output from the WRF-Chem model (Weather Research and Forecasting model coupled with Chemistry) in a consistent format and organizational structure as the CARES testbed data to facilitate statistical and graphical evaluation of atmospheric process modules. The software can be adapted to read output from other meteorological and chemical transport models.

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Content time range 3 June 2010 - 28 June 2010


Kampf CJ, EM Waxman, JG Slowik, J Dommen, L Pfaffenberger, AP Praplan, AS Prevot, U Baltensperger, T Hoffmann, and R Volkamer. 2013. "Effective Henry’s Law Partitioning and the Salting Constant of Glyoxal in Aerosols Containing Sulfate." Environmental Science & Technology, 47(9), 10.1021/es400083d.
Research Highlight

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Waxman E, K Dzepina, B Ervens, J Lee-Taylor, B Aumont, JL Jimenez, S Madronich, and R Volkamer. 2013. "Secondary organic aerosol formation from semi- and intermediate-volatility organic compounds and glyoxal: Relevance of O/C as a tracer for aqueous multiphase chemistry." Geophysical Research Letters, 40(5), 10.1002/grl.50203.

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