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To compare with ARM cloud radar simulator outputs, observational reflectivity-height joint histograms, i.e., CFADs, are constructed from the operational ARM Active Remote Sensing of CLouds (ARSCL) Value-Added Product. The joint histograms are created for every hour with a 100m vertical resolution to capture both the diurnal variability of clouds and their fine vertical structures. Similar to the CloudSat radar simulator, reflectivities (in dBZ) are binned in 5 dBZ increments from -50 dBZ to 25 dBZ. To date, ARM CFADs have been generated for multiple years at five ARM sites.


COSP 2.0 with the ARM cloud radar simulator (COSPv2.0ARM) has been released as a branch in the COSP repository https://github.com/CFMIP/COSPv2.0/tree/impARMsim .


The data products were produced to compare with the outputs from the ARM radar simulator. This data product and the ARM radar simulator will help the direct comparison of global climate models with the ARM radar measurements.

Primary Derived Measurements


  • Fixed
  • AMF1
  • AMF2
  • AMF3

Data Details

Developed By Yuying Zhang
Contact Yuying Zhang
Resource(s) Data Directory
Data format netcdf
Site NSA
Content time range 1 January 2006 - 31 December 2014
Attribute accuracy No formal attribute accuracy tests were conducted.
Positional accuracy No formal positional accuracy tests were conducted.
Data Consistency and Completeness Data set is considered complete for the information presented, as described in the abstract. Users are advised to read the rest of the metadata record carefully for addtional details.
Access Restriction No access constraints are associated with this data.
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Citations Y Zhang, S Xie, et al. 2017. "The ARM cloud radar simulator for global climate models: A new tool for bridging field data and climate models." submitted to BAMS