LASSO Alpha 1 Release


The Alpha 1 release from LASSO is the first iteration of the data bundle concept combining large-eddy simulations with ARM observations to enhance the observations’ value for research purposes. The data bundles are available at the evaluation product location within the ARM Data Archive.

This release contains 192 simulations from five shallow convection days during spring-summer 2015. These simulations are packaged alongside corresponding model-observation comparisons for different LES models, large-scale forcings, model configurations, and preliminary observational products that the LASSO team is using to assess workflow options for use in operations.

Note that the Alpha 1 data bundles have been partially superseded by capabilities developed for the Alpha 2 release. Because of this, the Bundle Browser no longer queries Alpha 1 simulations, and instead returns results for Alpha 2. When time permits, the Alpha 1 simulations will be re-run with the updated Alpha 2 code to correct some deficiencies identified in the model and to improve the overall results for the 2015 case days. Some variables are not valid in the current simulation output.

We recommend users contact the LASSO team for the details of the simulations and guidance for specific application.

Citing Alpha 1

To cite the Alpha 1 documentation, ARM suggests the following:

Gustafson WI, AM Vogelmann, X Cheng, S Endo, B Krishna, Z Li, T Toto, and H Xiao. 2017. Description of the LASSO Alpha 1 Release. Ed. by Robert Stafford, ARM Research Facility. DOE/SC-ARM-TR-194. doi:10.2172/1373564.

To cite the Alpha 1 data set, use:

Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Research Facility. July 2016. LASSO Alpha 1 Data Bundles. <>, 36° 36′ 18.0″ N, 97° 29′ 6.0″ W: Southern Great Plains Central Facility (C1). Compiled by WI Gustafson, AM Vogelmann, X Cheng, S Endo, B Krishna, Z Li, T Toto, and H Xiao. ARM Data Archive: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA. Data set accessed <> at

For a more specific citation for the LASSO data or you would like help generating your citation, go to the ARM Data Discovery home page and click “Citation Generator” or see doi guidance for datastreams.