isssonde: Integrated Sounding System

General Data Description

The ISS balloon borne sounding system is the standard NCAR "GAUS" (GPS Advanced Upper-Air Sounding System) sounding system.

Measurement Description

See The UCAR Web Page for the ISS

Temporal Coverage

nsaisssonde10sC1.a1 05/20/1998 05/14/2002
nsaisssonde10sC1.b1 09/24/1998 07/30/1999
nsaisssondeC1.a1 05/21/1998 05/10/2002
twpisssonde10sX1.a1 03/01/1996 09/03/1997
twpisssondeX1.a0 04/21/1993 09/03/1997
twpisssondeX1.a1 08/01/1997 09/03/1997

Area Covered

The ISS sounding systems were located at the Barrow NSA site and the Manus TWP site.


GAUS GPS Advanced Upper-Air Sounding System 
ISS  Integrated Sounding System
NSA  North Slope of Alaska
TWP  Tropical Western Pacific


Citable References

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