Campaign : Mini-Shortwave IOP

1999.03.02 - 1999.03.14

Lead Scientist : David Randall

For data sets, see below.


The Shortwave Working Group proposed a mini-Shortwave IOP for March 2 to 14, 1999, which coincided with the Spring SCM IOP. The springtime activities allowed a better chance of studying stratiform clouds. Although such conditions are also present in wintertime, the cold weather would likely be too harsh for visiting instrumentation. The only effort beyond the normal suite of CART instruments was the participation by the Pilewskie (NASA/AMES) Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer and the ASTI.

Other Contacts

Doug Sisterson, SGP CART Site Program Manager Marv Wesely, ARM SGP Instrument Team Leader Dave Turner, Randy Peppler, Data and Science Integration Team (DSIT) Contacts

Campaign Data Sets

IOP ParticipantData Source DescriptionFinal Data
MurcrayASTI Order Data
PilewskieNASA Solar Spectral Flux Radiometer Order Data