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Aerosol Modeling, Cloud Modeling


  • Scientist, National Center for Atmospheric Research


  • PhD, Atmospheric Science, University of Washington
  • BSE, Civil Engineering, Princeton University

Research Interests

I work extensively on modeling clouds and aerosol cloud interactions, using observations and large-scale models. My research seeks to better simulate key cloud processes to understand the future evolution of climate, especially climate forcing (through aerosol-cloud interactions) and cloud feedbacks. I have used ARM data extensively for evaluation of cloud microphysics and cloud-aerosol interactions, including data for liquid and ice clouds.

Professional Experience

I collaborate with many in the ARM community on a variety of different cloud types relevant for climate prediction. I have worked extensively on evaluating and developing aerosol-cloud interactions and cloud feedbacks in the Community Earth System Model (CESM) global General Circulation Model. I have developed cloud microphysics for CESM (in collaboration with Hugh Morrison) and have worked extensively on ice nucleation and mixed-phase clouds (with Xiaohong Liu, Steve Ghan, and others). I continue to work on developing cloud parameterizations with a strong focus on evaluating them against available observations (including extensive use of ARM observations).