Unmanned Aircraft Systems Advisory Panel


The Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) Advisory Panel provides scientific and technical advice to ARM leadership when planning tethered balloon and UAS operations at the North Slope of Alaska (NSA) atmospheric observatory. Through activities at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) user facility, the Climate and Environmental Sciences Division of the Office of Biological and Environmental Research within DOE is at the forefront of using UAS to address science questions relating to Arctic research. The ARM site at Oliktok Point at the NSA observatory contains restricted airspace, making it ideal for conducting UAS operations on a routine basis.

Organizational Structure

The UAS Advisory Panel reports to the ARM Technical Director and is made up of experts in UAS technology, management, and science applications.

Current UAS Advisory Panel members include:

  • Tim Bates, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Matt Fladeland, NASA Ames Research Center
  • John Cassano, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Jerry Harrington, Pennsylvania State University
  • Martin Stuefer, University of Alaska at Fairbanks