SGP Extended Facility

For over 20 years, 23 extended facilities were distributed evenly throughout a 55,000-square-mile domain and at the corners of the Southern Great Plains (SGP) site. These instrumentation systems were intended to furnish datastreams to facilitate the spatial integration of the surface heat, moisture, and momentum fluxes across the SGP designated area.

Beginning in October 2009, the SGP site was redistributed into a smaller, denser footprint (150 km x 150 km) using the original instrumentation and making accommodations for new instrumentation added through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, resulting in 16 active extended facility sites. Extended facility instruments include an energy balance bowen ratio system (EBBR), eddy correlation (ECOR) surface flux station, surface energy balance systems (SEBS), broadband radiometers (SIRS, IRT), a multifilter rotating shadowband radiometer (MFRSR), and surface meteorological instrumentation (SMOS, RAIN).

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Current list of Extended Facility instruments.


Site Designation* Nearest Town Status
E31 Anthony Active
E9 Ashton Active
E11 Byron Active
E26 Cement Removed 12/22/2010
E8 Coldwater Removed 1/10/2010
E22 Cordell Removed 12/1/2010
E24 Cyril Removed 11/24/2010
E27 Earlsboro Removed 1/20/2010
E19 El Reno Removed 5/25/2011
E7 Elk Falls Removed 11/14/2011
E5 Halstead Removed 11/2/2010
E2 Hillsboro Removed 10/21/2010
E13, E14 Lamont Active
E1 Larned Removed 10/15/2010
E3 LeRoy Removed 10/28/2010
E34 Maple City Active
E36 Marshall Active
E32 Medford Active
E20 Meeker Removed 12/17/2009
E18 Morris Removed 11/17/2010
E33 Newkirk Active
E12 Pawhuska Active
E21 Okmulgee Active
E38 Omega Active
E4 Plevna Removed 9/27/2011
E15 Ringwood Active
E25 Seminole Removed 4/8/2002
E6 Towanda Removed 10/18/2011
E10 Tyro Removed 10/19/2011
E35 Tryon Active
E16 Vici Removed 11/15/2011
E37 Waukomis Active
E39 Morrison Active
E40 Pawnee Active
E41 Peckham Active

*NOTE: Site designations are used in datastream naming conventions for the instruments located at these extended facilities. Each designation is only used once and assigned sequentially as each new extended facility opened. Gaps in numeric order may exist because planned sites were never opened.