AMF Deployment, Hyytiälä, Finland

This view shows the location of the Hyytiala, Finland, ARM Mobile Facility.

Site: 61° 50' 36.73" N, 24° 17' 16.25" E

Biogenic aerosols are particles and gases released into the air by trees, shrubs, fungi, animals, and humans. Examples include dead cells, such as skin cells or leaf particles, or pollen spores that get swept into the atmosphere. Aerosols in the sky are essential to Earth’s climate because they can reflect light into space, cooling the atmosphere, or they can combine with other particles to create clouds that have both warming and cooling effects.

The Biogenic Aerosols – Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) field campaign is a collaboration with Finnish scientists to measure biogenic aerosols emitted from forests in order to determine their effects on clouds, precipitation, and climate. BAECC places the second ARM Mobile Facility (AMF2) in a Scots pine forest from February through September 2014 to obtain surface-based measurements of biogenic aerosols and gases. These measurements will be augmented by aircraft observations of aerosol microphysics, as well as measurements from the University of Helsinki’s Station for Measuring Ecosystem-Atmosphere Relations (SMEAR-II).

An aerial view of a Finnish forest.
An aerial view of a Finnish forest.

Scientists will use the data collected during BAECC and combine it with previous observations by the University of Helsinki, University of Eastern Finland, and Finnish Meteorological Institute to better understand the links between biogenic aerosols, cloud formation, and Earth’s climate. Researchers will also use the data to better understand snowfall microphysics and connect laboratory observations of organic aerosol chemical and physical properties during their growth stages.