AMF Science Questions

  • Which synoptic-scale features dominate the variability in subtropical low clouds on diurnal to seasonal timescales over the NEA? Do physical, optical, and cloud-forming properties of aerosols vary with these synoptic features? How well can state-of-the-art weather forecast and climate models (run in forecast mode) predict the day-to-day variability of NEA cloud cover and its radiative impacts?
  • Can we find observational support for the Twomey effect in clouds over the NEA?
  • What is the variability in precipitation frequency and strength in the subtropical cloud-topped MBL on diurnal to seasonal timescales, and is this variability correlated with variability in aerosol properties?
  • Are observed transitions in cloud mesoscale structure (e.g., from closed cellular to open cellular convection) influenced by the formation of precipitation?

For details, see the Science Plan.