Selected Science Team Proposals - FY 2005

The Office of Biological and Environmental Research, U.S. Department of Energy (DOE), has accepted the proposals listed below in response to the Office of Science Program Notice 04-10. This notice requested applications for grants, both new and renewals, that address the broad Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) goal of improving the representation of cloud and radiation processes in climate models.

  • Dr. Bruce Albrecht, University of Miami, and Dr. Pavlos Kollias, NOAA/CIRES/ETL: "Development and Evaluation of Boundary Layer Cloudiness Parameterization Using ARM Observations"
  • NEW-Drs. Richard Austin and Graeme Stephens, Colorado State University: "Operational Retrieval of Cloud Microphysical Properties Using Combined Measurements by Diverse Instruments"
  • NEW-Dr. Howard Barker, Meteorological Service of Canada: "Advancing the Representation of Radiative Transfer for Cloudy Atmospheres in Global Climate Models"
  • NEW-Dr. Larry Berg, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: "Development, Evaluation, and Application of New Parameterization Framework for Boundary-Layer Cumuli"
  • NEW-Dr. Christopher Bretherton, University of Washington: "ARM-based Development of a New Combined Parameterization for Shallow and Deep Cumulus Convection in Large-Scale Climate Models"
  • NEW-Dr. Catherine Chuang, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory "Examine Aerosol Indirect Effects with a 3-D Cloud Resolving Model and ARM Data: Develop and Validate Aerosol/Cloud Parameterization for GCMs"
  • NEW-Dr. Jennifer Comstock, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Dr. Ruei-Fong Lin, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center: "Investigation of High Ice Supersaturation in Cirrus Clouds Using ARM Measurements and an Explicit Cloud Model"
  • NEW-Dr. Anthony Davis, Los Alamos National Laboratory: "Observational and Theoretical Time-Dependent Radiative Transfer in Support of the ARM Program"
  • NEW-Dr. Anthony Del Genio, NASA/Goddard Institute for Space Studies, and Forrest Hoffman, Oak Ridge National Laboratory: "From Measurements to Models: Cross-Comparison of Measured and Simulated Behavioral States of the Atmosphere"
  • Dr. Richard Ferrare, NASA/Langley Research Center, and NEW-Drs. Connor Flynn and Dave Turner, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory: "Characterizing the Vertical Distribution of Aerosols Over the ARM SGP Site"
  • NEW-Dr. Ann Fridlind, NASA/Ames Research Center, and Dr. Surabi Menon, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory: "Understanding Arctic Stratus and Tropical Convective Cloud Systems and Their Role in Climate Change Through Observations, Large-eddy Simulations, and General Circulation Model Simulations"
  • Dr. Stephen Klein, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: "Implementation of a Statistical Cloud Scheme with Prognostic Higher Order Moments into the GFDL Global Climate Model"
  • Dr. Andrew Lacis, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center: "Cloud/Aerosol Radiative Forcings and Feedbacks in a Climate GCM"
  • Dr. Gerald Mace, University of Utah: "The Coupling Between the Large Scale Atmospheric State and Cloud Properties: A Continuing Investigation with ARM Data"
  • Dr. Sergey Matrosov, University of Colorado: "Development and Application of New Methods to Retrieve Vertical Structure of Precipitation Above the ARM CART Sites From MMCR Measurements"
  • NEW-Drs. Robert McGraw and Yangang Liu, Brookhaven National Laboratory:"Developing New Theory and Parameterizations for Clouds and Precipitation in Climate Models"
  • NEW-Drs. Eli Mlawer and Shepard Clough, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.: "Radiative Transfer for Clear and Cloudy Atmospheres: Spectral Modeling and Validation"
  • Dr. David Randall, Colorado State University: "Further Development and Applications of a Multi-scale Modeling Framework"
  • Dr. Stephen Schwartz, Brookhaven National Laboratory: "Shortwave Radiative Influences of Tropospheric Aerosols"
  • NEW-Dr. Matthew Shupe, University of Colorado, and NEW-Dr. Pavlos Kollias, NOAA/CIRES/ETL: "An Investigation of the Microphysical, Radiative, and Dynamical Properties of Mixed Phase Clouds"
  • Dr. Brian Soden, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA): "Testing Climate Model Simulations of Tropical Cirrus Lifecycles"
  • NEW-Dr. Dave Turner, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and NEW-Dr. Jennifer S. Delamere, Atmospheric and Environmental Research, Inc.: "The Microphysical and Radiative Properties of Optically Thin Arctic Clouds"
  • NEW-Dr. Dana Veron, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey: "Application of Stochastic Radiative Transfer Theory to the ARM Cloud-Radiation Parameterization Problem"
  • Dr. Andrew Vogelmann, Brookhaven National Laboratory: "Cloud-Field Radiative Effects in the Tropical Western Pacific: Analyses and General Circulation Model Parameterizations"
  • Dr. Edgeworth Westwater, University of Colorado/CIRES: "Microwave and Millimeter-Wave Radiometric Studies of Temperature, Water Vapor, and Clouds"
  • Drs. Warren Wiscombe and Alexander Marshak, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center: "Studies of 3D-Cloud Optical Depth from Small to Very Large Values, and of the Radiation and Remote Sensing Impacts of Larger-Drop Clustering"
  • Dr. Minghua Zhang, State University of New York, Stony Brook: "Research to Improve the ARM Variation Analysis Methodology and Parameterization of Frontal Clouds in GCMs"

Note: NEW- denotes first-time principal investigators for the ARM Program and new proposals.