Value-Added Product (VAP) Reports

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Value-Added Product Name Document Title Author(s) Publication Year
Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Height Radiosonde Retrievals, (PDF, 845KB) Sivaraman C, S McFarlane, E Chapman, M Jensen, T Toto, S Liu, and M Fischer 2013
Cloud Optical Depth from MFRSR (MFRSRCLDOD) Changes to MFRSRCLDOD1MIN Datastream, (PDF, 845KB) McFarlane, S, and Y Shi 2012
Raman Lidar Profiles Best Estimate (RLPROFBE) Raman Lidar Profiles Best Estimate Value-Added Product Technical Report, (PDF, 666KB) Newsom, R 2012
ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set (ACRED) ARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble Data Set (ACRED), (PDF, 647KB) Xie, S, SA Klein, R McCoy, JM Comstock, J Delanoë, M Deng, M Dunn, RJ Hogan, MP Jensen, GG Mace, SA McFarlane, EJ O’Connor, A Protat, MD Shupe, D Turner, and Z Wang 2011
Spectral Surface Albedo (SURFSPECALB) ARM Climate Research Facility Spectral Surface Albedo Value-Added Product (VAP) Report, (PDF, 1.2MB) McFarlane, S, K Gaustad, C Long, E Mlawer 2011
Active Remote Sensing of Clouds (ARSCL) The ARM Millimeter Wave Cloud Radars (MMCRs) and the Active Remote Sensing of Clouds (ARSCL) Value Added Product (VAP) (PDF, 3.7MB) Clothiaux, EE, MA Miller, RC Perez, DD Turner, KP Moran, BE Martner, TP Ackerman, GG Mace, RT Marchand, KB Widener, DJ Rodriguez, T Uttal, JH Mather, CJ Flynn, KL Gaustad, and B Ermold 2001
Best-Estimate Radiative Flux (BEFLUX) The ARM Southern Great Plains Central Facility Best Estimate Radiative Flux CD (PDF, 763KB) Long, CN 2002
Micropulse Lidar Cloud Optical Depth (MPLCOD) An ARM Value-Added Product to Retrieve Optically Thin Cloud Visible Optical Depth using Micropulse Lidar (PDF, 348KB) Lo, C, JM Comstock, and C Flynn 2006
Best-Estimate Radiative Flux (BEFLUX) Best Estimate Radiation Flux Value Added Product: Algorithm Operational Details and Explanations (PDF, 1.0MB) Shi, Y, and CN Long 2002
Cloud Optical Depth from MFRSR (MFRSRCLDOD) Cloud Optical Properties from the Multi-Filter Shadowband Radiometer (MFRSRCLDOD): An ARM Value-Added Product (PDF, 307KB) Turner, DD, C Lo, and Q Min 2004
Description of the ARM Operational Objective Analysis System (PDF, 253KB) Zhang, M, S Xie, RT Cederwall, and JJ Yio 2001
Improved Correction of IR Loss in Diffuse Shortwave Measurements (SW DIFF CORR 1DUTT) Improved Correction of IR Loss in Diffuse Shortwave Measurements: An ARM Value-Added Product (PDF, 1.0MB) Younkin, K, and CN Long 2003
Continuous Baseline Microphysical Retrieval (MICROBASE) The Microbase Value-Added Product: A Baseline Retrieval of Cloud Microphysical Properties (PDF, 492KB) Dunn, M, K Johnson, and M Jensen 2011
Merged Sounding (MERGESONDE) Merged Sounding Value-Added Product (PDF, 513KB) Troyan, D 2010
Micropulse Lidar Cloud Mask (MPLCMASK) Micropulse Lidar Cloud Mask Value-Added Product Technical Report (PDF, 318KB) Sivaraman, C, and J Comstock 2011
Microwave Radiometer Retrievals (MWRRET) MWRRET Value-Added Product: The Retrieval of Liquid Water Path and Precipitable Water Vapor from Microwave Radiometer (MWR) Data Sets, (PDF, 263KB) - Revision 2 Gaustad, KL, DD Turner, and Sally McFarlane 2011
Radiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate (RIPBE) Radiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate (RIPBE): An ARM Value-Added Product, (PDF, 2.0MB) McFarlane, S, T Shippert, and J Mather 2011
Sonde Adjust (SONDEADJUST) Sonde Adjust Value-Added Product Technical Report, (PDF, 1.2MB) Troyan, D 2011
AERI Profiles (AERIPROF) Retrieving Temperature and Moisture Profiles from AERI Radiance Observations: AERIPROF Value-Added Product Technical Description, (PDF, 844KB) - Revision 1 Feltz, WF, HB Howell, RO Knuteson, J Comstock, R Mahon, DD Turner, WL Smith, HM Woolf, C Sivaraman, and TD Halter 2007
Quality Control and Continuity of Surface Radiation Measurements (QCRAD) The QCRad Value Added Product: Surface Radiation Measurement Quality Control Testing, Including Climatology Configurable Limits (PDF, 1.3MB) Long, CN, and Y Shi 2006
Shortwave Flux Analysis (SWFLUXANAL) The Shortwave (SW) Clear-Sky Detection and Fitting Algorithm: Algorithm Operational Details and Explanations (PDF, 221KB) - Revision 1 Long, CN, and KL Gaustad 2004
SGP Area Surface Cloud and SW Radiation Grid (SFCCLDGRID) Surface Cloud Grid (SfcCldGrid) Value-Added Product: Algorithm Operational Details and Explanations (PDF, 540KB) Christy, JE, and CN Long 2003
VAP Development: Initiation, Development, Evaluation, and Release (PDF, 184KB) Jensen, M, S Collis, J Fast, C Flynn, J Mather, S McFarlane, J Monroe, C Sivaraman, and S Xie 2011
Aerosol Best Estimate (AEROSOLBE) Aerosol Best Estimate (AEROSOLBE) Value-Added Product (PDF, 1.9MB) Flynn, C, D Turner, A Koontz, D Chand, C Sivaraman 2012
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Profile (CCNPROF) Cloud Condensation Nuclei Profile Value-Added Product (PDF, 1.1MB) McFarlane, S, C Sivaraman, S Ghan 2012
Raman Lidar Profiles–Temperature (RLPROFTEMP) Raman Lidar Profiles–Temperature Value-Added Product (PDF, 362KB) Newsom, RK, C Sivaraman, SA McFarlane 2012
G-Band Vapor Radiometer Precipitable Water Vapor (GVRPWV) G-Band Vapor Radiometer Precipitable Water Vapor (GVRPWV) Value-Added Product (PDF, 171KB) Koontz, A, M Cadeddu 2012
Interpolated Sounding (INTERPSONDE) Interpolated Sounding (INTERPSONDE) Value-Added Product (PDF, 643KB) Troyan, D 2013
Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD) Value-Added Product (PDF, 495KB) Koontz, A, C Flynn, G Hodges, J Michalsky, J Barnard 2013
Tower Water-Vapor Mixing Ratio (TWRMR) Tower Water-Vapor Mixing Ratio Value-Added Product (PDF, 443KB) 2013
Organic Aerosol Component (OACOMP) Organic Aerosol Component Value-Added Product (PDF, 499KB) Fast, J, Q Zhang, A Tilp, T Shippert, C Parworth, F Mei 2013