Technical Reports

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Document Title Author(s) Publication Year
A Unified Approach for Reporting ARM Measurement Uncertainties Technical Report (PDF, 2.3MB) Campos, E, and DL Sisterson 2015
ARM Mentor Selection Process (PDF, 173KB) Sisterson, DL 2015
ARM Aerosol Measurement Science Group Charter (PDF, 1.2MB) 2014
Polar Research with Unmanned Aircraft and Tethered Balloons (PDF, 1.2MB) Ivey, M, J Verlinde, R Petty, R Ellingson, and D Desilets 2013
Introduction to Reading and Visualizing ARM Data (PDF, 895KB) Mather, J 2013
Planetary Boundary Layer (PBL) Height Value
Added Product (VAP): Radiosonde Retrievals
(PDF, 1.2MB)
Sivaraman, C, S McFarlane, E Chapman, M Jensen, T Toto, S Liu, and M Fischer

Aerosol Optical Depth Value-Added Product for the SAS-He Instrument (PDF, 1.31MB) Ermold, B, CJ Flynn, and J Barnard 2013
ACRF Data Collection and Processing Infrastructure (PDF, 1.2MB) Macduff, MC, and RC Eagan 2004
ARM Pyrgeometer Calibrations & Field Measurements: Information Regarding the Data Restriction Notice, PowerPoint presentation (PDF, 738KB) Stoffel, T 2005
Comparison of Meteorological Measurements from Sparse and Dense Surface Observation Networks in the U.S. Southern Great Plains (PDF, 1.2MB) Monroe, JW, MT Ritsche, M Franklin, and KE Kehoe 2008
An Evaluation of the Nonlinearity Correction Applied to Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI) Data Collected by the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program (PDF, 157KB) Turner, DD, HE Revercomb, RO Knuteson, RG Dedecker, and WF Feltz 2004
The History of the Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI) Prototype During the Period April 1994 through July 1995 (PDF, 1,5MB) Knuteson, R, B Whitney, H Revercomb, and H Best 1999
Investigation of the Downwelling LW Differences Between the Niamey AMF Main and Supplementary Sites (PDF, 583KB) Long, CN, EG Dutton, and P Gotseff 2008
MMCR Calibration Report (PDF, 1.6MB) ProSensing Inc. 2010
A Principal Component Analysis Noise Filter Value-Added Procedure to Remove Uncorrelated Noise from Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer (AERI) Observations (PDF, 176KB) Lo, C, DD Turner, and RO Knuteson 2006
Quality Assurance of ARM Program Climate Research Facility Data (PDF, 2.5MB) Peppler, RA, KE Kehoe, KL Sonntag, CP Bahrmann, SJ Richardson, SW Christensen, RA McCord, KJ Doty, R Wagener, RC Eagan, JC Liljegren, BW Orr, DL Sisterson, TD Halter, NN Keck, CN Long, MC Macduff, JH Mather, RC Perez, JW Voyles, MD Ivey, ST Moore, KL Nitschke, BD Perkins, and DD Turner 2008
Report on Broadband Solar Radiometer Inconsistencies at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Southern Great Plains (SGP) Central Facility During the ARM Enhanced Shortwave Experiment (ARESE) (PDF, 176KB) Long, CN 1996
The Role of Global Observations for Climate and Other Applications (PDF, 34KB) Ackerman, TP 2005
The Status of the ACRF Millimeter Wave Cloud Radars (MMCRs), the Path Forward for Future MMCR Upgrades, the Concept of 3D Volume Imaging Radar and the UAV Radar (PDF, 805KB) Kollias, P, M Miller, K Widener, R Marchand, and T Ackerman 2005
Shortwave (SW) Radiometer Inconsistencies at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Southern Great Plains (SGP) Central Facility (CF) (PDF, 171KB) Long, CN 2000
Total Sky Imager (TSI) Model 880 Status and Testing Results (PDF, 1.6MB) Long, CN, DW Slater, and T Tooman 2001
WACR Calibration Report (PDF, 1.4MB) ProSensing Inc. 2010
Whole Sky Imager Retrieval Guide (PDF, 2.0MB) Tooman, TP 2003
Calibration and Laboratory Test of the Department of Energy Cloud Particle Imager (PDF, 747KB) McFarquhar, GM, and J Um 2012
Parameterization of the Extinction Coefficient in Ice and Mixed-Phase Arctic Clouds during the ISDAC Field Campaign (PDF, 5.0MB) Korolev, A, A Shashkov, and H Barker 2012
Using a Neural Network to Determine the Hatch Status of the AERI at the ARM North Slope of Alaska Site (PDF, 276KB) Zwink, AB, and DD Turner 2012
Final Report on HOLODEC 2 Technology Readiness Level (PDF, 2.0MB) Shaw, RA, M Beals, JP Fugal, SM Spuler, N Black, and J Lu 2012
ARM Standards Policy Committee Report (PDF, 343KB) Cialella, A, A Koontz, R McCoy, G Palanisamy, C Sivaraman, M Jensen, S McFarlane, J Monroe, and R Perez 2012
Aircraft Integration and Flight Testing of 4STAR (PDF, 593KB) Flynn, CJ, E Kassianov, P Russell, J Redemann, S Dunagan, and B Holben 2012
Investigations of Possible Low-Level Temperature and Moisture Anomalies During the AMIE Field Campaign on Manus Island (PDF, 983KB) Long, CN, and DJ Holdridge 2012

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Value-Added Product (VAP) Reports