Program Documents

Annual Reports

ARM Climate Research Facility

Document Title Document Number Pub. Year
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Climate Research Facility Decadal Vision (PDF, 3.8MB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-029 2014
Southern Great Plains Safety Orientation (PDF, 833KB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-021 2014
User Executive Committee Charter (PDF, 708KB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-026 2014
Site Data System Engineering Roles and Responsibilities Version: 1.2 (PDF, 1.4MB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-022 2014
Accomplishments in Atmospheric Science, 2008-2013, a brochure (PDF, 7.4MB) DOE/SC-0159 2013
ARM Operations and Engineering Procedure Mobile Facility Site Startup (PDF, 4.8MB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-016 2014
Data Management Facility Operations Plan (PDF, 584KB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-008 2014
ARM Data File Standards Version 1.1 (PDF, 403KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-004 2015
ARM Management Plan (PDF, 335KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-022 2013
Contributions of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Program and the ARM Climate Research Facility to the U.S. Climate Change Science Program (PDF, 424KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0803 2008
ARM User Survey Report (PDF, 2.7MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-015 2010
ARM User Survey Report: Data Access, Quality, and Delivery (PDF, 335KB) DOE/SC-ARM-12-013 2012
DOE Review of the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility (PDF, 144KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0502 2005
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Accomplishments from the Science Program and User Facility, a brochure (PDF, 696KB) DOE/SC-ARM/P-08-017 2008
The Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Infrastructure Review Report (AIR): Summary of Recommendations (PDF, 27KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0001 2001
Field Campaign Guidelines (PDF, 574KB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-032 2014
ACRF Archive User Meeting Summary (PDF, 200KB) DOE/SC-ARM/P-08-008 2008
Data Quality Assessment and Control for the ARM Climate Research Facility (PDF, 747KB) DOE/SC-ARM-12-014 2012
Charter for the ARM Climate Research Facility Science Board (PDF, 114KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-004 2013
ARM Lead Mentor Selection Process (PDF, 154KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-003 2013
ARM Style Guide (PDF, 447KB) 2013
ARM PowerPoint Template (PDF, 296KB) 2013

Workshop Reports

Document Title Document Number Pub. Year
Climate and Environmental Sciences Division Aerial Observation Needs Workshop (PDF, 1.6MB) DOE/SC-0179 2015
Atmospheric Research Measurement Climate Research Facility - Atmospheric System Research North Slope of Alaska Priorities Workshop Report (PDF, 961KB) DOE/SC-0176 2015
ARM Climate Research Facility Workshop Report (PDF, 324KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0804 2008
Report on the ARM Climate Research Facility Expansion Workshop (PDF, 1.4MB) DOE/SC-ARM-0707 2007
U.S./European Workshop on Climate Change Challenges and Observations (PDF, 829KB) DOE/SC-0154 2012
Atmospheric Testbed Workshop (PDF, 600KB) DOE/SC-0163 2014
Atmospheric Research Measurement Climate Research Facility - Atmospheric System Research High-Resolution Modeling Workshop (PDF, 619KB) DOE/SC-0169 2014
GOAMAZON2014 Workshop Report (PDF, 1.4MB) DOE/SC-0141 2011
First ARM/ASR Radar Workshop: Workshop Summary and Recommendations (PDF, 288KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-008 2013

ARM Climate Research Facility Radars

Document Title Document Number Pub. Year
ARM Climate Research Facility Radar Operations Plan (PDF, 1.0MB) DOE/SC-ARM-12-006 2012
ARM Radar Organization (PDF, 1.0MB) DOE/SC-ARM-12-009 2012
Science Goals for the ARM Recovery Act Radars (PDF, 112KB) DOE/SC-ARM-12-010 2012
First ARM/ASR Radar Workshop: Workshop Summary and Recommendations (PDF, 288KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-008 2013
ARM Cloud and Precipitation Radars (Brochure) (PDF, 5.2KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-016 2013

ARM Climate Research Facility Operations Quarterly Reports

Quarterly Value-Added Products Reports

Quarterly Ingest Reports

Quarterly Data Management Facility (DMF) Reports

Quarterly Instrument Report

ARM Science

Document Title Document Number Pub. Year
Carbonyl Sulfide for Tracing Carbon Fluxes Field Campaign Report (PDF, 795KB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-024 2016
Enhanced Soundings for Local Coupling Studies Field Campaign Report (PDF, 8.9MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-023 2016
Multi-EM27/SUN Total Carbon Column Observing Network (TCCON) Comparison at the Southern Great Plains Site Field Campaign Report (PDF, 2.8MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-019 2016
Norwegian Young Sea Ice Experiment (N-ICE) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.9MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-018 2016
Characterization of Black Carbon Mixing State Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-017 2016
Pajarito Aerosol Couplings to Ecosystems (PACE) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-016 2016
GoAmazon 2014/15 Particle Sampling Field Campaign Report (PDF, 805KB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-015 2016
Deployment of ARM Aerial Facility (AAF) Scanning Mobility Particle Sizer Field Campaign Report (PDF, 697KB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-014 2016
ARM Support for the Plains Elevated Convection at Night (AS-PECAN) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-010 2016
Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon) 2014/15: Semi-Volatile Thermal Desorption Aerosol Gas Chromatograph (SVTAG) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-009 2016
Integrated Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment (IPHEx)/Orographic Precipitation Processes Study Field Campaign Report (PDF, 2.2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-008 2016
Geoscience Australia Continuous Global Positioning System (CGPS) Station Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-007 2016
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Activity of Aerosols during GoAmazon 2014/15 Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.5MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-005 2016
GoAmazon 2014/15: SRI-PTR-ToFMS Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-004 2016
GoAmazon 2014/15 Thermal Desorption Chemical Ionization Mass Spectrometer (TDCIMS) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-003 2016
Arctic Clouds Infrared Imaging Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.5MB) DOE/SC-ARM-16-002 2016
Analysis of the Uncertainty in Wind Measurements from the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Doppler Lidar during XPIA: Field Campaign Report (PDF, 2.6MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-091 2016
Macquarie Island Cloud and Radiation Experiment (MICRE) Science Plan (PDF, 346KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-082 2015
Convective Radio Occulations Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 177KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-075 2016
Shortwave Hyperspectral Observations During MAGIC Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 830KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-074 2016
SP2 Deployment at Boston College - Aerodyne-Led Coated Black Carbon Study (BC4) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 368KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-068 2016
Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon 2014/15: CHUVA Field Campaign Report (PDF, 719KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-166 2016
Stable Boundary Layer Education (STABLE) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 307KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-065 2016
Biogenic Aerosols - Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 2.9MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-051 2016
ARM Airborne Carbon Measurements VI (ACME VI) Science Plan (PDF, 1.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-047 2015
Microclimate Influence on Bird Arrival Behavior Field Campaign Report (PDF, 2.3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-081 2016
Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon 2014/15: Transmission Electron Microscopy Analysis of Aerosol Particles Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-080 2016
Manus Water Isotope Investigation Field Campaign Report (PDF, 2.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-079 2016
Precipitation and Hydrology Experiment Counter-Flow Spectrometer and Impactor Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.6MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-078 2016
Aerosol Properties Downwind of Biomass Burns Field Campaign Report (PDF, 2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-076 2016
Lidar Comparison for GoAmazon 2014/15 Field Campaign Report (PDF, 3.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-070 2016
Biogenic Aerosols - Effects on Climate and Clouds: Cloud Optical Depth (COD) Sensor Three-Waveband Spectrally-Agile Technique (TWST) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 11.9MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-064 2016
Airborne Open Polar/Imaging Nephelometer for Ice Particles in Cirrus Clouds and Aerosols Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.6MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-063 2016
Holistic Interactions of Shallow Clouds, Aerosols, and Land-Ecosystems (HI-SCALE) Science Plan (PDF, 1.56MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-062 2015
Field Observation of the Green Ocean Amazon: Neutral Cluster Air Ion Spectrometer (NAIS) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 323KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-060 2016
Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GOAMAZON): Particulate Matter and Gases Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 752KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-059 2016
Biogenic Aerosoles - Effects on Clouds and Climate: Snowfall Experiment Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.5MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-058 2016
Studies of Emissions and Atmospheric Composition, Clouds, and Climate Coupling by Regional Surveys (SEAC4RS) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-057 2016
University of Californis, San Diego (UCSD) Sky Imager Cloud Position Study Field Campaign Report (PDF, 3.7MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-056 2016
AMIE Gan Island Ancillary Disdrometer Field Campaign Report (PDF, 768 KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-054 2016
Atmospheric Line of Site Experiment (ALOSE) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 3.3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-053 2016
STORMVEX: Ice Nuclei and Cloud Condensation Nuclei Characterization Field Campaign Report (PDF, 1.7MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-052 2016
Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon 2014/15: Nanoparticle Size Distribution (NPSD) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 823KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-050 2016
Evaluation of Routine Atmospheric Sounding Measurements using Unmanned Systems (ERASMUS) Science Plan (PDF, 520KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-048 2015
Investigations of Spatial and Temporal Variability of Ocean and Ice Conditions in and Near the Marginal Ice Zone: The "Marginal Ice Zone Observations and Processed Experiment" (MIZOPEX) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 4.3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-046 2016
Layered Atlantic Smoke Interactions with Clouds (LASIC) Science Plan (PDF, 3.5MB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-037 2016
Maturation and Hardening of the Stabilized Radiometer Platforms (STRAPS) Field Campaign Report (PDF, 761kB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-036 2016
ARM West Antarctic Radiation Experiment (AWARE) Science Plan (PDF, 352KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-040 2015
LES ARM Symbiotic Simulation and Observation (LASSO) Implementation Strategy (PDF, 594KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-039 2015
Enhanced Soundings for Local Coupling Studies: 2015 ARM Climate Research Facility Field Campaign (PDF, 1.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-035 2015
ARM-ACME V: ARM Airborne Carbon Measurements V on the North Slope of Alaska, Science and Implementation Plan (PDF, 1.2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-032 2015
Marine Ice Nuclei Collections - MAGIC (MAGIC-IN) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 419KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-030 2016
MAGIC Cloud Properties from Zenith Radiance Data Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 655KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-029 2016
Radon Measurements of Atmospheric Mixing
(RAMIX) 2006–2014: Field Campaign Summary
(PDF, 771KB)
DOE/SC-ARM-15-027 2015
GoAmazon2014/15: Oxidation Flow Reactor Final Campaign Report (PDF, 1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-025 2016
915-MHz Wind Profiler for Cloud Forecasting at Brookhaven National Laboratory (PDF, 337KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-024 2016
Clean Air for London (CLEARFLO) Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 985KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-015 2016
Southern Great Plains Ice Nuclei Characterization Experiment Final Campaign Summary (PDF, 1.6MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-012 2015
Lidar Inter-Comparison Exercise Final Campaign Report (PDF, 3.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-008 2015
The Nocturnal Avian Migration Experiment Final Campaign Report (PDF, 624KB) DOE/SC-ARM-15-009 2016
New Particle Formation Study Final Campaign Report (PDF, 2.78M) DOE/SC-ARM-15-011 2015
Plains Elevated Convection at Night (PECAN) Experiment Science Plan (PDF, 1.69M) DOE/SC-ARM-14-035 2014
ARM Cloud Aerosol Precipitation Experiment (ACAPEX) Science Plan (PDF, 2.5M) DOE/SC-ARM-14-030 2014
The Mid-latitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) Final Campaign Report (PDF, 1.8M) DOE/SC-ARM-14-012 2014
Barrow Black Carbon Source and Impact Study Final Campaign Report (PDF, 1.4M) DOE/SC-ARM-14-017 2014
Continuous Light Absorption Photometer (CLAP) Final Campaign Report (PDF, 2.5M) DOE/SC-ARM-14-013 2014
Field Evaluation of Real-time Cloud OD Sensor TWST during the DOE ARM TCAP Campaign 2013 Final Campaign Report (PDF, 1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-14-018 2016
Science Plan for the Biogenic Aerosols – Effects on Clouds and Climate (BAECC) Campaign (PDF, 13K) DOE/SC-ARM-13-024 2013
Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment (GVAX) Final Campaign Report
(PDF, 153K)
DOE/SC-ARM-14-011 2013
Lower Atmospheric Boundary Layer Experiment (LABLE) Final Campaign Report (PDF, 265K) DOE/SC-ARM-14-034 2014
The Arctic Lower Troposphere Observed Structure (ALTOS) Campaign (PDF, 900K) DOE/SC-ARM-10-034 2010
ARM MJO Investigation Experiment on Gan Island (AMIE-Gan) Science Plan (PDF, 2.0MB) DOE/SC-ARM-11-005 2011
AMIE (ARM MJO Investigation Experiment): Observations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation for Modeling Studies Science Plan (PDF, 2.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-007 2010
ARM Mobile Facility Deployment in China 2008 (AMF-China) Science Plan (PDF, 836KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0802 2008
ARM Science Plan (PDF, 939KB) DOE/ER-ARM-0402 2004
ARM's Support for GCM Improvement: A White Paper (PDF, 689KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0612 2006
CARES: Carbonaceous Aerosol and Radiative Effects Study Operations Plan (PDF, 2.1MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-018 2010
CARES: Carbonaceous Aerosol and Radiative Effects Study Science Plan (PDF, 5.5MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-017 2010
Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Climate Research Facility and Atmospheric System Research (ASR) Science and Infrastructure Steering Committee (SISC) Charter (PDF, 123KB) 2012
Clouds, Aerosol, and Precipitation in the Marine Boundary Layer (CAP-MBL) Science Plan for the 2009/2010 Deployment of the ARM Mobile Facility to Graciosa Island, the Azores, NE Atlantic (PDF, 4.4MB) DOE/SC-ARM-0902 2009
Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Southern Great Plains Cloud and Radiation Testbed Site, Lamont, Oklahoma Science Plan for the Aerosol IOP (PDF, 1.5MB) DOE/SC-ARM-0504 2005
Ganges Valley Aerosol Experiment: Science and Operations Plan (PDF, 4.2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-019 2010
ISDAC Flight Planning Document (PDF, 216KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0801 2008
Marine Stratus Radiation, Aerosol, and Drizzle (MASRAD) Science Plan (PDF, 996BK) DOE/ER-ARM-0501 2005
Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E) Science Plan (PDF, 3.9MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-004 2010
The Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment (M-PACE) Findings Report (PDF, 119KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0603FR 2006
Nauru Island Effect Study (NIES) IOP Science Plan (PDF, 406KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0505 2005
RACORO Data Guide (PDF, 1.4MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-031 2010
RACORO Science and Operations Plan (PDF, 640KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0806 2008
Radiative Heating in Underexplored Bands Campaign (RHUBC-II) Science Plan (PDF, 560KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0901 2009
The Role of Global Observations for Climate and Other Applications (PDF, 34KB) DOE/SC-ARM/TR-067 2005
Science Overview Document for Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC) (PDF, 440KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0705 2007
Science Plan for the Tropical Warm Pool International Cloud Experiment (TWP-ICE): Cloud and Rain Characteristics in the Australian Monsoon (PDF, 1.2MB) DOE/ER/ARM-0401 2004
SGP Cloud and Land Surface Interaction Campaign (CLASIC): Measurement Platforms, (PDF, 185KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0704 2007
SGP Cloud and Land Surface Interaction Campaign (CLASIC): Science and Implementation Plan, (PDF, 117KB) DOE/SC-ARM-0703 2007
SPARTICUS Science and Operations Plan, (PDF, 1.0MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-035 2010
STORMVEX Science and Operations Plan, (PDF, 6.0MB) DOE/SC-ARM-10-021 2010
The Two-Column Aerosol Project (TCAP) Science Plan, (PDF, 1.6MB) DOE/SC-ARM-11-017 2011
MAGIC: Marine ARM GPCI Investigation of Clouds Science Plan, (PDF, 1.7MB) DOE/SC-ARM-12-020 2012
Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon: Year-to-Year Differences, (PDF, 1.3MB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-009 2013
Green Ocean Amazon Terrestrial Ecosystem Collaborative Project Science Plan, (PDF, 479KB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-011 2013
Biomass Burning Observation Project Science Plan, (PDF, 2.2MB) DOE/SC-ARM-13-014 2013
Science and Experiment Plan Fall 2002 Flight Series
(PDF, 591KB)
ARM-02-002 2002
ARESE (ARm Enhanced Shortwave Experiment) SCIENCE PLAN, (PDF, 180KB) ARM-95-004 1995
UAV Fall 1996 Flight Series Mission Summary, (PDF, 114KB) ARM-96-003 1996
UAV Spring 1996 Flight Series Mission Summary, (PDF, 118KB) ARM-96-004 1996
Science and Experiment Plan Fall 1997 Flight Series, (PDF, 439KB) ARM-97-003 1997
Science and Experiment Plan Spring 1999 Flight Series, (PDF, 320KB) ARM-99-005 1999

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