Poster Abstract of the Nineteenth Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Science Team Meeting

ARM-CONF-2009, March-April 2009 Louisville, Kentucky

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  • A 10-year Climatology of Arctic Cloud Fractions and Their Impact on Surface Radiation Budget at Barrow, Alaska ABSTRACT
    Dong, X., Xi, B., Crosby, K., Long, C., and Stone, R.
  • Accomplishments and Status of the SGP During 2008 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Orr, B., Rusk, D., Schatz, J., Nelson, D., Breedlove, D., and Eagan, R.
  • A Comparison of Spring and Fall Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds: Perspectives from the Surface During ISDAC and M-PACE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shupe, M., Turner, D., Eloranta, E., and Kollias, P.
  • A Contribution by Ice Nuclei to Global Warming ABSTRACT
    Zeng, X., GSFC, N., Zhang, M., Hou, A., Xie, S., Lang, S., Li, X., and Starr, D.
  • A Demonstration of Vaisala’s New Ceilometer ABSTRACT
    Morris, V.
  • Advances in Multi-instrument Liquid Cloud Property Retrievals: New Synergies and Applications ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Loehnert, U., Crewell, S., Turner, D., and Ebell, K.
  • Aerosol Characterization with a Calibrated CCD Sky Imager ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cazorla, A., Wagener, R., Shields, J., Olmo, F., and Alados-Arboledas, L.
  • Aerosol Effects on Liquid Water Path of Thin Stratocumulus Clouds ABSTRACT
    Lee, S. and Penner, J.
  • Aerosol Impact on Tropical Anvil Characteristics and Water Vapor of the Tropical Tropopause Layer (TTL) ABSTRACT
    Fan, J., Comstock, J., Ovchinnikov, M., and McFarquhar, G.
  • Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements During the EAST-AIRE and the AMF Deployment in China: a New Approach to Apply the Langley Method ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, K., Cribb, M., and Li, Z.
  • Aerosol Variability Near Clouds During CLASIC/CHAPS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ferrare, R., Clayton, M., Turner, D., Newsom, R., Sivaraman, C., Hostetler, C., Hair, J., Obland, M., Rogers, R., Cook, A., Harper, D., Su, W., Schuster, G., Berg, L., Jonsson, H., Ogren, J., and Andrews, E.
  • A Modeling Study of Aerosol Influence on Immersion Freezing in Mixed-phase Stratiform Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    De Boer, G., Eloranta, E., Hashino, T., and Tripoli, G.
  • An Algorithm for Deriving Particle Size Distributions for Thin Clouds from Sun and Aureole Measurements Based on a Diffraction Approximation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    DeVore, J.
  • Analyzing the Contribution of Aerosols to an Observed Increase in Direct Normal Irradiance ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Riihimaki, L., Vignola, F., and Long, C.
  • A New Ice Fall Speed Parameterization Considering Riming and Its Tests in GFDL GCM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lin, Y., Donner, L., Golaz, J., Klein, S., Xie, S., Deng, M., and Mace, G.
  • An Extended Single Column Approach for Modeling Wave-Convection Interactions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kuang, Z.
  • An Improved Model for Snowfall Measurement Using Lidar and Radar ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E. and Shupe, M.
  • A Novel Approach for Treating Ice Microphysics in Bulk and Bin Schemes: Application to TWP-ICE Deep Convection ABSTRACT
    Morrison, H., Kardas, A., and Grabowski, W.
  • An Overview of the ARM/AAF Deployment in China ABSTRACT
    Li, Z., Chen, H., Tsay, S., Ji, Q., Nitschke, K., Huang, J., Zhang, W., Li, B., and Zheng, Y.
  • An Overview of the ARM Climate Research Facility's New Microwave Radiometers ABSTRACT
    Cadeddu, M.
  • An Overview of the Second ARM Mobile Facility (AMF2) ABSTRACT
    Coulter, R., Orr, B., Martin, T., Ritsche, M., Cook, D., Eagan, R., and White, R.
  • Application of Humidity Corrections to ARM Radiosonde Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Troyan, D., Jensen, M., Turner, D., and Miloshevich, L.
  • Application of RRTMG/McICA to the Advanced Research WRF Weather Forecast Model ABSTRACT
    Iacono, M. and Dudhia, J.
  • A Prototype for VAP Development Using Workflow Technology ABSTRACT
    Critchlow, T. and Halter, T.
  • ARM Climate Research Facilities on the North Slope of Alaska: an Update on Field Campaigns, Instruments, and Team Changes in 2008, IOPs and Changes in Facilities Planned for 2009 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ivey, M., Verlinde, J., Richardson, S., Zak, B., Zirzow, J., Stuefer, M., Cherry, J., and Busey, B.
  • ARM MPL Corrections Derived from NASA HSRL Overflights During ISDAC ABSTRACT
    Flynn, C., Ferrare, R., and Hostetler, C.
  • ARM Multi-year/Multi-site MFRSR Aerosol Optical Depth Assessment ABSTRACT
    Koontz, A., Flynn, D., Hodges, G., Barnard, J., Kassianov, E., and Flynn, C.
  • ARM News Center: Do You Subscribe? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Roeder, L., Jundt, R., and Beus, S.
  • A Status Report and Update on the Microbase VAP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dunn, M., Jensen, M., Johnson, K., Miller, M., Clothiaux, E., Mace, G., Marchand, R., and Mather, J.
  • A Status Update for the ACRF SGP SWATS Network ABSTRACT
    Hartsock, D., Monroe, J., and Lamb, P.
  • Atmospheric Remote Sensing from the Absolute Solar Transmittance Interferometer (ASTI) During RHUBC-II ABSTRACT
    Hawat, T., Turner, D., Mlawer, E., and Murcray, F.
  • Boundary Layer Turbulence Measurements Via Raman Lidar Water Vapor Detection ABSTRACT
    Wagner, E. and Turner, D.
  • Characteristics of Stratiform and Convective Precipitation at Darwin During 2007 ABSTRACT
    Bartholomew, M., Jensen, M., and Kollias, P.
  • Cirrus Cloud Radiative Forcing on Surface-level Shortwave and Longwave Irradiances at Regional and Global Scale ABSTRACT
    Haeffelin, M., Dupont, J., and Long, C.
  • Climate Modeling Best Estimate Dataset (CMBE) - New Additions. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCoy, R., Xie, S., Klein, S., Clothiaux, E., Long, C., Turner, D., McFarlane, S., Jensen, M., Gaustad, K., Johnson, K., Shi, Y., Cederwall, R., McCord, R., Prakash, G., and Horwedel, B.
  • Climatological Context for TWP-ICE Convective Precipitation Features ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zipser, E.
  • Cloud and Thermodynamic Conditions During CLASIC ABSTRACT
    Miller, M., Lamb, P., Trabachino, L., Johnson, K., and Troyan, D.
  • Cloud Thermodynamic Phase Distribution in Midlatitude Optically Thin Clouds ABSTRACT
    Naud, C., Del Genio, A., Haeffelin, M., Morille, Y., Noel, V., Dupont, J., Turner, D., Wang, Z., Comstock, J., and Lo, C.
  • Comparing GFDL GCM Model Output with ARM CMBE Dataset: Diurnal Cycle ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Golaz, J., Malyshev, S., Lin, Y., and Xie, S.
  • Comparison of Cloud Properties Derived from MSG SEVIRI and ARM Mobile Facility Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ayers, J., Minnis, P., Palikonda, R., Yost, C., Spangenberg, D., Chang, F., and Nguyen, L.
  • Computing Precipitation Rates in Assumed-PDF Cloud Schemes ABSTRACT
    Pincus, R., Morrison, H., and Klein, S.
  • Consistent Day and Night Cloud Detection and Optical Depth Classification with the Infrared Cloud Imager (ICI-3) ABSTRACT
    Shaw, J.
  • Data Extraction from the ACRF Archive: More Progress Toward Customized Data Delivery for the Users ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCord, R., Prakash, G., Moore, S., Gibson, K., and Lenhardt, W.
  • Development of Ensemble Neural Network Convection Parameterizations for Climate Models Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Fox-Rabinovitz, M., Krasnopolsky, V., Rasch, P., Kogan, Y., and Belochitski, A.
  • Does the Dimension of Solar Radiative Transfer Calculations Influence Cloud System-resolving Model Simulations? an Application to Large-scale Atmospheric Circulation over a Tropical Ocean ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cole, J. and Barker, H.
  • Effects of Ice Particle Size on Radiative Fluxes Using a Combined Remote Sensing Retrieval Algorithm: Results from TWP-ICE ABSTRACT
    Comstock, J. and McFarlane, S.
  • Estimates of Cloud and Precipitation Parameters Above the SGP Site During Spring-summer 2007 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Matrosov, S.
  • Evaluating Cloud Fraction and Surface Radiation Fluxes Simulated by GCMs over TWP ABSTRACT
    Qian, Y. and Long, C.
  • Evaluating Developmental CAM Cloud Parameterizations with M-PACE and TWP-ICE Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Klein, S., Boyle, J., and Xie, S.
  • Evaluating Model Skill: What Is the Half-life of a Cloud-fraction Forecast? ABSTRACT
    Hogan, R.
  • Evaluating the Impact of WRF Microphysics on Warm-Season Convection and Cloud Properties in the Vicinity of the SGP Central Facility ABSTRACT
    Segele, Z., Leslie, L., and Lamb, P.
  • Evaluation of Cloud Microphysics and Deep Convection Parameterizations with a Single Column Model, a Cloud-Resolving Model and ARM TWP-ICE Observations ABSTRACT
    Liu, X., Wang, W., Xie, S., Boyle, J., and McFarlane, S.
  • Evaluation of Shallow Convective Cloudiness Across ECMWF Model Cycles ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M., Koehler, M., and Beljaars, A.
  • Evaluation of the Total Precipitation Sensor in Barrow, Alaska ABSTRACT
    Cherry, J., Ivey, M., and Yang, D.
  • Examining Relationships Between Properties of Tropical Convection and Cirrus at Darwin ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarlane, S. and Comstock, J.
  • Expanding the Quality Control Techniques in Use at the ARM Data Quality Office ABSTRACT
    Moore, S., Kehoe, K., Monroe, J., and Peppler, R.
  • Feasibility of Convective Storm Dynamics and Precipitation Retrievals from Scanning Weather Radar Facilities in Central Oklahoma: a CLASIC Squall Line Example ABSTRACT
    Giangrande, S. and Kollias, P.
  • Field Campaign for Dust Aerosol Effect on Semi-arid Climate over Northwest China ABSTRACT
    Huang, J., Zhang, W., Tsay, S., Li, Z., Chen, H., Ji, Q., Shi, J., Bi, J., Wang, X., Huang, Z., Zhang, B., Wang, G., and Zhang, L.
  • Fourteen Years of Aerosol Optical Depth Measurements at the SGP CF ABSTRACT
    Michalsky, J., Flynn, C., Hodges, G., Schlemmer, J., Denn, F., Koontz, A., and Schwartz, S.
  • Global Variability of Mesoscale Convective System Anvil Structure ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yuan, J., Houze, R., and Cetrone, J.
  • Ground-based Retrievals of Cloud Properties for Liquid, Glaciated, and Mixed-phase Conditions ABSTRACT
    Mishra, S., Mitchell, D., and DeSlover, D.
  • High-level Cloud Classified by the Split Window ABSTRACT
    Inoue, T.
  • Ice Generation in Supercooled Stratiform Water Clouds: the Role of Temperature, Aerosol, and Droplet Collision as Observed by Remote Sensing and in Situ Sampling ABSTRACT
    Wang, Z., Zhao, M., and McFarquhar, G.
  • ICRCCM III, Phase 2: Longwave Model Comparisons for Inhomogeneous Clouds ABSTRACT
    Ellingson, R., Kablick III, G., Takara, E., and Gu, J.
  • Impact of Ice Crystal Roughness on Satellite Retrieved Cloud Properties ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Minnis, P., Heck, P., Arduini, R., Palikonda, R., Ayers, J., Khaiyer, M., Yang, P., and Xie, Y.
  • Implementation of Improved Shortwave and Longwave Fluxes over ACRF Domains ABSTRACT
    Khaiyer, M., Minnis, P., Doelling, D., Nordeen, M., Palikonda, R., Yi, H., and Rutan, D.
  • Improved Cloud Microphysics Based on Tropical Warm Pool-International Cloud Experiment ABSTRACT
    Wang, Y., Long, C., Thompson, G., Morrison, H., Mather, J., and McFarlane, S.
  • Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign (ISDAC): the Influence of Arctic Aerosol on Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarquhar, G., Ghan, S., Verlinde, J., Schmid, B., Tomlinson, J., Hubbe, J., Ronfeld, D., Brooks, S., Collins, D., Cziczo, D., Dubey, M., Gilles, M., Gultepe, I., Kok, G., Korolev, A., Laskin, A., Lawson, P., Liu, P., Mazzoleni, C., Macdonald, A., Moffet, R., Strapp, J., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Flynn, C., Lubin, D., Ferrare, R., Shupe, M., Turner, D., Wolde, M., Ovchinnikov, M., Xie, S., and Liu, X.
  • Innovative Methods to Quantify the Structure of Cirrus Cloud Properties in the Context of Cirrus Formation Mechanisms Using ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    Ivanova, K. and Ackerman, T.
  • Investigate Diurnal Cycle of Convection over Land Using ARM Long-term Observations at Southern Great Plain ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, Y., Klein, S., and Kollias, P.
  • Investigation of Aerosol Chemical Composition, Soluble Gas Concentration, and Other Variables on Cloud Condensation Nuclei Formation Within the United States ABSTRACT
    Roesler, E. and Penner, J.
  • Investigation of Southern Great Plains Atmospheric Moisture Budget for CLASIC ABSTRACT
    Portis, D. and Lamb, P.
  • Investigation of the Role of Aerosols and Environmental Conditions on Precipitation Onset in Warm Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kummerow, C., Berg, W., L'Ecuyer, T., and Van den Heever, S.
  • Just How Dry Are the Subtropics? on the Use of the ARM 183-GHz Radiometer for Characterizing Subtropical Stratocumulus Cloud Liquid Water Paths. ABSTRACT
    Zuidema, P. and Cadeddu, M.
  • Linking Convection Parameterization to Tropical Pacific Double ITCZ and Upper Ocean Biases in the NCAR CCSM3 ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G. and Song, X.
  • Links Between Marine Boundary Layer Macro- and Micro-physical Properties During the AMF Pt. Reyes Deployment ABSTRACT
    Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., Luke, E., Minnis, P., Khaiyer, M., Daum, P., Springston, S., Nguyen, L., and Palikonda, R.
  • Long-term Trends of Aerosol and Cloud Properties Detected from 16-year MFRSR Measurements at the ACRF SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Duan, M. and Min, Q.
  • Long-term Vertical Air Velocity and Precipitation Parameter Retrievals in Rainfall from 95-GHz Doppler Radar Spectra ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Luke, E., Giangrande, S., and Kollias, P.
  • Longwave Indirect Effect of Mineral Dusts on Ice Clouds ABSTRACT
    Min, Q. and Li, R.
  • Macrophysical and Optical Properties of Midlatitude High-altitude Clouds from Four Ground-based Lidars and Collocated CALIOP Observations ABSTRACT
    Dupont, J., Haeffelin, M., Noel, V., Morille, Y., Comstock, J., Winker, D., Keckhut, P., Chervet, P., and Roblin, A.
  • Macroscopic View on Vertical Atmospheric Structures ABSTRACT
    Wu, W. and Liu, Y.
  • Measurement Based Determination of Aerosol Forcings at ACRF Sites: Proposed Joint ASP-ARM Study ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schwartz, S.
  • Measurement Results of the ARM Ancillary Facility (AAF/SMART-COMMIT) Deployment in China-2008 ABSTRACT
    Tsay, S., Ji, Q., Zhang, W., Chen, H., Li, Z., Huang, J., Bell, S., Hansell, R., Jeong, M., Li, C., Shi, J., Bi, J., and Li, J.
  • Measurements of Small Ice Crystals in Arctic Cirrus Observed During ISDAC ABSTRACT
    McFarquhar, G. and Bae, K.
  • Mesoanalysis and Numerical Modeling of the Interactions of Precipitating Convection and the Boundary Layer ABSTRACT
    Krueger, S. and Sun, R.
  • MFRSR Network Operating at Full Capacity ABSTRACT
    Hodges, G.
  • Microphysical Parameterizations and Cloud Processes Based on Observations Collected During ISDAC ABSTRACT
    Gultepe, I., Strapp, J., Liu, P., Wolde, M., Flynn, C., Long, C., Vukovic, Z., and Cober, S.
  • Modeling of Aerosol Effects on Arctic Stratiform Clouds: Preliminary Results from the ISDAC Case Study ABSTRACT
    Ovchinnikov, M., Ghan, S., Xie, S., McFarquhar, G., Liu, X., and Morrison, H.
  • Multi-Scale Simulations of Stratocumulus Clouds at the SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Zhu, P., Albrecht, B., and Ghate, V.
  • Multi-year Evaluations of a Cloud Model Using ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Henderson, P. and Pincus, R.
  • New Understanding of Split-window Cirrus Cloud Emissions Provides Insight on Small Ice Crystal Concentrations ABSTRACT
    Mitchell, D.
  • NOAA-EPA UV Brewer Network Overview and Possible Network Expansion to ACRF Sites ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kiedron, P., Disterhoft, P., Stierle, S., and Michalsky, J.
  • Northeastern Atlantic Dust Area — a Pitfall to Derive the Aerosol Indirect Effect from Satellite ABSTRACT
    Shao, H., Li, Z., and Liu, G.
  • Objective Analysis of CLASIC Data ABSTRACT
    Xie, S., McCoy, R., Klein, S., and Zhang, M.
  • Observations and Modeling of Shallow Convective Clouds: Implications for the Indirect Aerosol Effects ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Arabas, S., Slawinska, J., Grabowski, W., Morrison, H., and Pawlowska, H.
  • Optically Thick Ice Cloud Microphysical Property Retrieval by Combining MMCR and WACR Measurements ABSTRACT
    Miao, Q., Wang, Z., and Deng, M.
  • Physical Interpretation of the Spectral Radiative Signature in the Transition Zone Between Cloud-free and Cloudy Regions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chiu, J., Marshak, A., Knyazikhin, Y., Wiscombe, W., and Pilewskie, P.
  • Point Reyes CLOWD-BBHRP Retrieval Algorithm Intercomparison Project ABSTRACT
    Lo, C., Comstock, J., Turner, D., Vogelmann, A., Chiu, J., Khaiyer, M., Long, C., Marshak, A., Min, Q., Mlawer, E., and Shippert, T.
  • Potential to Use Insect Echoes from Millimeter Wavelength Cloud Radar (MMCR) to Study Sub-Cloud Layer Characteristics ABSTRACT
    Chandra, A., Giangrande, S., and Kollias, P.
  • Preliminary Analysis of RACORO Cloud Microphysics Data ABSTRACT
    Freer, M., McFarquhar, G., and Jonsson, H.
  • Producing a Mesoscale Analysis in the Tropical Western Pacific Region to Be Used for High-resolution Cloud Modeling ABSTRACT
    Dudhia, J., Kuo, Y., and Leung, L.
  • Progress on the Network for Monitoring of Radiative Forcing with AERI and IASI ABSTRACT
    Evans, W.
  • Prospects of Cloud Volume Imaging with the WSR-88D Radar ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Melnikov, V.
  • Quantifying the Role of CCN and Giant Nuclei in Warm Rain ABSTRACT
    McGraw, R. and Liu, Y.
  • RACORO: Routine Aerial Vehicle Program (AVP) Clouds with Low Optical Water Depths (CLOWD) Optical Radiative Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., McFarquhar, G., Ogren, J., Turner, D., Comstock, J., Feingold, G., Long, C., Schmid, B., Tomlinson, J., and Jonsson, H.
  • RADAGAST, Results of Atmospheric Divergence Calculations ABSTRACT
    Bharmal, N., Slingo, A., Settle, J., White, H., and Robinson, G.
  • Radiative Closure Studies with ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Mlawer, E., Delamere, J., Payne, V., Clough, S., McFarlane, S., Turner, D., Shippert, T., and Shephard, M.
  • Radiative Forcings of Tropical Thin Cirrus in AIRS/ARM Measurements ABSTRACT
    Yue, Q. and Liou, K.
  • Radiative Heating Rate Profiles over the ACRF NSA Site at Barrow ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turner, D., Shupe, M., DeSlover, D., Mlawer, E., and Shippert, T.
  • Results from Phase I of the Continual Intercomparison of Radiation Codes (CIRC) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Oreopoulos, L., Mlawer, E., Delamere, J., Shippert, T., Charlock, T., Fomin, B., Iacono, M., Jin, Z., Kato, S., Kratz, D., Manners, J., Raisanen, P., and Rose, F.
  • Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth Under Cloudy Conditions from Multispectral Aircraft Observations: Sensitivity Tests ABSTRACT
    Kassianov, E., Ovchinnikov, M., Berg, L., McFarlane, S., and Flynn, C.
  • Retrieval of Cloud Water Distribution from an Air-borne Scanning Microwave Radiometer: Wakasa Bay Field Experiment Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Huang, D., Gasiewski, A., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Retrieving Cumulus Entrainment Rates Using Remote Sensing Observations ABSTRACT
    Wagner, T. and Turner, D.
  • Revival of the Raman Lidar’s Value-added Procedures ABSTRACT
    Newsom, R., Turner, D., Sivaraman, C., and Ferrare, R.
  • Search Techniques for Atmospheric Data Sets ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Halter, T., Choudhury, S., and Critchlow, T.
  • Shortwave and Longwave Cloud Radiative Forcing by Shallow Cumuli over the Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT
    Berg, L., Kassianov, E., and Long, C.
  • Shortwave Surface Spectral Irradiance Measured at NSA During ISDAC ABSTRACT
    Lubin, D. and Vogelmann, A.
  • Significant Decadal Brightening of Downwelling Shortwave in the Continental U.S. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Long, C., Dutton, E., Augustine, J., Wiscombe, W., Wild, M., McFarlane, S., and Flynn, C.
  • Solar Radiative Influences on Stratiform and Cirriform Cloud Dynamics: Plane-Parallel and 3D Monte Carlo Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Petters, J., Harrington, J., Cole, J., Clothiaux, E., and Varnai, T.
  • Some Boundary Layer Cloud Studies Using ARM Observations—Past, Present, and Future ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Albrecht, B., Kollias, P., and Ghate, V.
  • Spatial Analysis of Cloud Radiative Perturbations in the NCAR CCSM3.0 ABSTRACT
    Taylor, P. and Ellingson, R.
  • Spectral Invariant Behavior of Clear Sky Near Clouds Found on ARM SWS Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Marshak, A., Knyazikhin, Y., Chiu, J., Wiscombe, W., and Pilewskie, P.
  • Statistical Comparison of CRM-Produced Multi-year Cloud and Radiation Properties with ARM Observations for Evaluating GCM Simulations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wu, X.
  • Statistics of 3D Solar Radiative Effects over Three ACRF Sites ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Varnai, T. and Harrington, J.
  • StormVEx - the Storm Peak Lab Validation Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCubbin, I., Matrosov, S., Mace, G., Shupe, M., Chirokova, G., Lawson, P., and Marchand, R.
  • Studies of Shallow and Organized Convection with Water Vapor DIAL and DOW and Comparisons with Mesoscale Models During COPS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wulfmeyer, V., Pal, S., Behrendt, A., and Weckwerth, T.
  • Surface Cloud Radiative Forcing, Cloud Fraction and Cloud Albedo: Their Relationship and Multiscale Variation ABSTRACT
    Liu, Y. and Wu, W.
  • Terminal Versus Transient Cumulus Congestus ABSTRACT
    Luo, Z., Liu, G., Stephens, G., and Johnson, R.
  • The ARM Wind Profiler Network – Evaluation of Past Performance, the New Sampling Strategy and Future Application in Climate Research ABSTRACT
    Kollias, P., Jensen, M., Giangrande, S., Mathieu-Poulin, C., Orr, B., and Coulter, R.
  • The Diurnal Cycle of Temperature and Radiative Heating Profiles During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT
    Mather, J., McFarlane, S., and Comstock, J.
  • The Humidity Dependence of the Aerosol Scattering Coefficient and Its Contributions from Particle Size and Refractive Index ABSTRACT
    Lewis, E. and Schwartz, S.
  • The Impacts of Small Ice Crystals on Bulk Scattering Properties of Cirrus: Sensitivity Tests Using a New Small Ice Crystal Model and TWP-ICE Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Um, J. and McFarquhar, G.
  • The Influence of Aerosols on Rainfall Frequency at the SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Niu, F. and Li, Z.
  • The Influence of Parameterized Ice Habit on the Glaciation of Arctic Clouds ABSTRACT
    Harrington, J. and Avramov, A.
  • The Radiative and Dynamical Impact of Aerosols on Mixed-phase Clouds Observed During ISDAC and M-PACE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Solomon, A., Shupe, M., and Morrison, H.
  • The Role of Cloud Parameterizations in the Assessment of Aerosol Indirect Effects ABSTRACT
    Chuang, C.
  • The Role of Entrainment in the Transition from Shallow to Deep Convection ABSTRACT
    Wu, J. and Del Genio, A.
  • The Scaling Transition in Cloudy Sky Radiances ABSTRACT
    Barker, H.
  • The Shape and Phase of Small Hydrometeors Measured in Mixed-phase Stratus During M-PACE and ISDAC ABSTRACT
    Zhang, G. and McFarquhar, G.
  • The SPartICus Field Campaign ABSTRACT
    Mace, G., McFarquhar, G., Comstock, J., Jensen, E., Ackerman, T., Garrett, T., Mitchell, D., and Liu, X.
  • The TWP-ICE CRM Intercomparison Specification and First Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fridlind, A., Ackerman, A., Petch, J., Field, P., Hill, A., McFarquhar, G., Xie, S., and Zhang, M.
  • The Where and Why of Tropical Thick Anvil ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Li, W. and Schumacher, C.
  • Toward an Improved Understanding of the Cloud Albedo Effect ABSTRACT
    McComiskey, A., Feingold, G., Min, Q., Frisch, S., Sorooshian, A., and Quinn, P.
  • Tracking Tropical Cloud Systems – Comparison of Observations with Simulations by the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Vogelmann, A., Lin, W., Cialella, A., Luke, E., Jensen, M., and Zhang, M.
  • Tropical Cloud Properties as a Function of Regime ABSTRACT, POSTER
    May, P., Protat, A., Bringi, V., and Thurai, M.
  • Turbo-ARSCL: Exploring Processing Efficiencies ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Johnson, K., Jensen, M., Luke, E., and Mather, J.
  • Understanding and Accounting for the Difference Between Passive and Active Cloud-top Height Retrievals ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Yost, C., Minnis, P., Ayers, J., Palikonda, R., Spangenberg, D., Sun-Mack, S., and Chen, Y.
  • Update on Shortwave Spectral Radiative Closure Studies at the ACRF SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Delamere, J., Mlawer, E., Michalsky, J., Kiedron, P., Flynn, C., and Long, C.
  • Updraft Characteristics of Convection During TWP-ICE and Links to Microphysical Habits ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Collis, S., Protat, A., May, P., and Chung, K.
  • Use of ARM-NSA Archives for Global Climate Model Selection and Climate Projections ABSTRACT
    Walsh, J., Chapman, W., and Portis, D.
  • Use of C-pol and S-band Radar Data to Constrain Simulated Cloud Properties During TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
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