ARM Multi-year/Multi-site MFRSR Aerosol Optical Depth Assessment

Annette Koontz Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Donna Flynn Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Gary Hodges NOAA/ESRL/GMD & CU-Boulder/CIRES
Jaime Barnard University of Nevada Reno
Evgueni Kassianov Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Connor Flynn Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Category: Aerosols

ARM has operated multi-filter rotating shadowband radiometers (MFRSR), normal-incidence multi-filter radiometers (NIMFR), and Aerosol Robotic Nework (AERONET) Cimel sunphotometers at facilities in the Southern Great Plains (SGP), Tropical Western Pacific (TWP), and the North Slope of Alaska (NSA). End-to-end reprocessing efforts have been completed recently for more than ten years of MFRSR and NIMFR data at each of these climate regimes. We present quality-assessed aerosol optical depth (AOD) time-series with particular emphasis on those sites with co-located measurements including SGP, TWP, NSA, and ARM Mobile Facility deployments.

This poster will be displayed at ARM Science Team Meeting.