Data Extraction from the ACRF Archive: More Progress Toward Customized Data Delivery for the Users

Raymond McCord retired
Giri Prakash Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Sean Moore Orbital ATK Inc.
Karen Gibson Oak Ridge National Laboratory
W. Christopher Lenhardt Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Category: Infrastructure & Outreach

Data delivery from the ACRF Archive is expanding the functionality of customized data extraction. Users can select specific measurements from the ACRF data files to be extracted into smaller and more consolidated output data files. In 2008, the Archive implemented limited functionality for data extraction by way of an extension of NCVweb (Moore et al STM poster) and as part of the Statistical Browser (Palanisamy et al STM poster). However, these data extraction capabilities were limited by either the volume or type of data product (and online user patience). In 2009, the Archive will implement an offline data extraction module that can extract measurements from any volume of requested data. (The offline function sends an email notification when the processing is complete; much like the current request notifications.) The specification of interesting measurements is already an integral part of the Thumbnail Browser (and Plot Browser - coming soon). Menus for measurement selection by users can be added to the other Archive interfaces (Data Browser, Data Cart, and Catalog Browser) in a standardized manner. In future years, the Archive plans to implement more complex data extraction functions that include merging measurements from multiple data streams and conditional queries (select values contingent on the status of other measurements or flag values). Future expansion of data extraction will be based on a data set of core measurements and will have much more extensive options for customized data delivery. This poster will include web-based demonstrations of the existing, new, and future capabilities so that user feedback and input on the past, current, and future developments can be acquired.

This poster will be displayed at ARM Science Team Meeting.

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