Poster Abstract of the Eighteenth Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Science Team Meeting

ARM-CONF-2008, March 2008 Norfolk, Virginia

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  • 3D Shortwave Radiative Transfer in the Multiscale Modelling Framework ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cole, J., Barker, H., Khairoutdinov, M., and Randall, D.
  • 4STAR Spectrometer for Sky-scanning Sun-tracking Atmospheric Research: Airborne Concepts, Ground Prototype Measurements, and Aeronet-style Retrievals ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Flynn, C., Russell, P., Dunagan, S., Johnson, R., Schmid, B., Redemann, J., Livingston, J., Kassianov, E., and Sinyuk, A.
  • A 1.6 Mm Rotating Shadow-band Radiometer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Michalsky, J., Nelson, D., Webb, C., Alexandrov, M., Hodges, G., and Schmelzer, J.
  • A Cluster Analysis Approach to Comparing Atmospheric Radiation Measurement (ARM) Data with Global Climate Model (GCM) Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Hoffman, F., Mahajan, S., Hargrove, W., Mills, R., and Del Genio, A.
  • A Comparative Analysis of RSS 105 and SWS Data at SGP Using Empirical Orthogonal Functions ABSTRACT
    Gianelli, S., Lacis, A., and Carlson, B.
  • A Comparison Between High Spectral Resolution and Raman Lidars ABSTRACT
    Eloranta, E., Turner, D., and Goldsmith, J.
  • A Comparison of Arctic Cirrus Microphysical Properties with Mid-latitude and Tropical Cirrus Features ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bae, K. and McFarquhar, G.
  • A Comparison of Cloud Radar Profiles of Cloud Occurrence with Multiscale Modeling Framework (MMF) Simulated Radar Profiles ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Marchand, R., Ackerman, T., and Beagley, N.
  • A Comparison of Heating Rates and Related Cloud Properties from CloudSat and ARM Observations at Manus Island ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, Z., Marchand, R., and Ackerman, T.
  • A Comparison of Water Uptake by Aerosols Using Two Thermodynamic Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Xu, L. and Penner, J.
  • ACRF Data Acquisition and Monitoring Software Suite for Instrument PCs ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Choudhury, S.
  • Advances in Cloud Satellite Remote Sensing for ARM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Minnis, P., Nguyen, L., Chang, F., Palikonda, R., Khaiyer, M., Trepte, Q., Yost, C., Smith, W., Sun-Mack, S., Heck, P., and Spangenberg, D.
  • Aerosol-Cloud Interactions and Radiative Forcing: Modeling and Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Feingold, G., Schmidt, S., Jiang, H., Zuidema, P., Pilewskie, P., Hill, A., and Wang, H.
  • Aerosol and Water Vapor Variability Near Clouds Measured by the Upgraded SGP Raman Lidar ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ferrare, R., Turner, D., Clayton, M., Newsom, R., and Sivaraman, C.
  • Aerosol Effect on Large Scale Circulation and Summer Monsoon System in China ABSTRACT
    Niu, F.
  • Aerosol Optical Property Measurements for ARM: the New 3-laser Photoacoustic Instrument for the ISDAC and SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dubey, M. and Mazzoleni, C.
  • Aerosol Radiative Forcing and Heating Rate by Absorbing Aerosol During EAST-AIRE 2005 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, K. and Li, Z.
  • AMF Studies of Convection Initiation and Clouds During COPS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wulfmeyer, V., Behrendt, A., Crewell, S., and Turner, D.
  • Analysis of Radiative Fluxes and Divergences from the RADAGAST Experiment ABSTRACT
    White, H., Slingo, A., and Bharmal, N.
  • Analysis of Upper Tropospheric Cloud Properties and Water Vapor Variability in Relation to the Large-scale Atmospheric State ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Comstock, J., Beagley, N., Wang, W., Marchand, R., and Wang, Z.
  • Analytic Expressions for Aerosol Light-scattering Cross Section ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lewis, E.
  • An Analysis of Satellite Data for Studying Deep Convective Cloud Feedbacks ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Eitzen, Z., Xu, K., and Wong, T.
  • A Neural-network for the Continuous Retrieval of Low Amounts of Precipitable Water Vapor and Liquid Water Path from Measurements in the 183.3-GHz Spectral Region. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cadeddu, M. and Turner, D.
  • An Evaluation of Cloud Microphysics and Radiation Calculations at the NSA ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shupe, M., Turner, D., Mlawer, E., and Shippert, T.
  • A New Network for Monitoring the Radiative Forcing from Greenhouse Gases ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Evans, W.
  • An Update on the ARM Mobile Facility Deployment in China ABSTRACT
    Li, Z.
  • ARM Data Quality Office Update 2008 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kehoe, K., Peppler, R., Sonntag, K., Monroe, J., Moore, S., Thompson, T., Schwarz, C., Hiers, N., Mullens, S., and Rabon, K.
  • ARM Measurements of Vertical Velocity in Boundary Layer Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kollias, P., Albrecht, B., and Ghate, V.
  • A Simulation of Vertical Structure of Frontal Cloud Using a Bin Cloud Microphysical Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Iguchi, T., Nakajima, T., Khain, A., Saito, K., Takemura, T., Okamoto, H., and Nishizawa, T.
  • Assessing the Vertical Structure of Radiative Heating Using Radar/Lidar/AERI for Cirrus Cloud Events at SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Borg, L., Tobin, D., Turner, D., Holz, R., DeSlover, D., Eloranta, E., Knuteson, R., Revercomb, H., and Moy, L.
  • Assessment of Albedo Derived from MODIS at the SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Schaaf, C., Roman, M., Gatebe, C., King, M., and Strahler, A.
  • Atmospheric Aerosol and Water Vapor Retrievals from SGP's MFRSR Network Data ABSTRACT
    Alexandrov, M., Lacis, A., Carlson, B., Cairns, B., Schmid, B., Turner, D., and Liljegren, J.
  • Atmospheric Boundary Layer Parameters and Derived Fluxes for the ARM Northslope of Alaska Site of Barrow ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Stuefer, M., Kramm, G., and Ivey, M.
  • A Web-based Interface for ARM Data Stream Dependency Tool ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lo, C., Choudhury, S., Ermold, B., Halter, T., and Macduff, M.
  • Bottom-up Predictions of CO2, Radon, and Latent and Sensible Heat Exchanges During the CLASIC Campaign ABSTRACT
    Riley, W.
  • Cessna Mounted Multi-filter Radiometer ABSTRACT
    Hodges, G.
  • Cirrus Production by Tropical Mesoscale Convective Systems ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cetrone, J. and Houze, R.
  • Clear- and All-sky TOA OLR Comparisons Between RTM Calculations and CERES Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Moy, L., Revercomb, H., Tobin, D., Borg, L., Knuteson, R., Li, J., and Turner, D.
  • Climate Modeling Best Estimate Dataset (CMBE) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McCoy, R., Xie, S., Klein, S., Clothiaux, E., Long, C., Turner, D., Johnson, K., Jensen, M., Shi, Y., Cederwall, R., McCord, R., Prakash, G., and Horwedel, B.
  • Cloud-Radiation Feedbacks in Radiative-convective Equilibrium ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Stephens, G., Van den Heever, S., and Pakula, L.
  • Cloud Activating Properties of Aerosol Observed During the Marine Stratus/Stratocumulus Experiment (MASE) ABSTRACT
    Wang, J., Lee, Y., Daum, P., Jayne, J., and Alexander, L.
  • Cloud and Aerosol Radiative Properties Derived from the Shortwave Spectrometer (SWS) ABSTRACT
    McBride, P., Pilewskie, P., Schmidt, S., and Coddington, O.
  • Cloud Climatologies from WACR-ARSCL at the Black Forest, Niamey and SGP Sites ABSTRACT
    Johnson, K., Kollias, P., Jensen, M., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Cloud Microphysical Properties of Arctic Mixed-phase Stratus: Impacts on Surface Radiation ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, G. and McFarquhar, G.
  • Cloud Overlap Properties from Active Sensors on Satellites and at Ground Sites ABSTRACT
    Barker, H.
  • Cloud Properties from Doppler Radar Spectra - a Growing Suite of Information Extraction Algorithms ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Luke, E., Kollias, P., Shupe, M., Johnson, K., and Clothiaux, E.
  • Cloud Thermodynamic Phase Distribution in Midlatitude Optically Thin Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Naud, C., Del Genio, A., Haeffelin, M., Morille, Y., Noel, V., Turner, D., Wang, Z., Comstock, J., and Lo, C.
  • Comparing CAM3 and AM2 Simulations for TWP-ICE Using the CAPT Framework ABSTRACT
    Potter, G.
  • Comparing GFDL GCM Model Output with ARM CMBE Dataset: a First Look ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Golaz, J., Donner, L., and Ramaswamy, V.
  • Comparing Observations and Calculations of Radiation During the RADAGAST Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bharmal, N., Slingo, A., Settle, J., Robinson, G., and White, H.
  • Comparison Between Cirrus Cloud by Split Window and CALIPSO Observation ABSTRACT
    Inoue, T.
  • Comparison of Model-generated Boundary-layer Clouds to Observations from Space-borne Lidar ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ahlgrimm, M., Randall, D., and Koehler, M.
  • Comparison on Cloud and Radiation Properties at Barrow Between ARCF/NSA Measurements and GCM Outputs ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Miao, Q. and Wang, Z.
  • Convective Signals from the ARM Surface Observations at Manus (1996-2006) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, Y., Long, C., and Mather, J.
  • Coupling Between Oceanic Upwelling and Cloud-aerosol Properties at the AMF Point Reyes Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dunn, M., Jensen, M., Miller, M., Kollias, P., Bartholomew, M., Turner, D., Andrews, E., Jefferson, A., and Daum, P.
  • Customized Data Extraction at the ACRF Archive ABSTRACT
    Moore, S., McCord, R., and Prakash, G.
  • Data Comparison Viewer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Beus, S., Macduff, M., Halter, T., and Keck, N.
  • Deep Convective Cloud Ensemble Properties and Aerosol Influences ABSTRACT
    Yuan, T.
  • Dependence of Aerosol-cloud Interactions on Environmental Conditions ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, S. and Penner, J.
  • Deriving Arctic Mixed-Phase Cloud Microphysical Properties from Aircraft and ARM NSA Surface Observations During M-PACE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jin, H., Dong, X., and Xi, B.
  • Detecting Cloud Layer Information Using Retrieved Photon Path Length Distribution ABSTRACT
    Li, S. and Min, Q.
  • Detection and Retrieval of Mineral Dust Aerosols Using AERI Data:Implications for Longwave Surface Forcing ABSTRACT
    Hansell, R., Liou, K., Ou, S., Tsay, S., Ji, Q., and Reid, J.
  • Determining Large-Scale 3-D Cloud Ice Water Features by Combining Satellite and Surface Measurements in Both Mid-Latitudes and the Tropics ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, G.
  • Developing a 3D Cloud Properties Dataset for Model Evaluation: Establishing Relationships Between Ground and Satellite Based Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McFarlane, S., Comstock, J., and Mather, J.
  • Development and Application of Multi-Instrument Multi-Parameter Cloud Retrievals ABSTRACT
    Austin, R., Wood, N., and Stephens, G.
  • Development and Comparison of Cloud Particle Size Distribution Fitting and Analysis Techniques ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Freer, M. and McFarquhar, G.
  • Direct Radiative Effect of Dust in the UCLA AGCM ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gu, Y. and Liou, K.
  • Distribution of Ice and Water in Arctic Stratus Clouds During MPACE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Poellot, M., Brown, D., McFarquhar, G., and Zhang, G.
  • Diurnal Cycle of Clouds and Precipitation at the ACRF SGP Site ABSTRACT
    Zhang, Y., Klein, S., Henderson, P., and Cheng, A.
  • ECOR VAP Flux Corrections, Gap-filling, and Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cook, D., Franklin, M., and Holdridge, D.
  • Efficacy of Aerosol – Cloud Interactions Under Varying Meteorological Conditions: Southern Great Plains Vs. Pt. Reyes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kim, B., Miller, M., Schwartz, S., Liu, Y., Dunn, M., and Min, Q.
  • Estimation of Regional Aerosol Diffuse Ratio and Direct Aerosol Radiative Effects over the Mid-Atlantic Corridor ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Creekmore, T., Joseph, E., and Long, C.
  • Evaluating BBHRP Radiative Flux Closure Under Cloudy Conditions with a “shadow” Dataset ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Oreopoulos, L., Mlawer, E., Shippert, T., and Delamere, J.
  • Evaluating Climate Model Simulations of Stratus and Convective Clouds with ARM Observations ABSTRACT
    Menon, S. and Sednev, I.
  • Evaluating Cloud Retrieval Algorithms with the ARM BBHRP Framework ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mlawer, E., Shippert, T., Johnson, K., Troyan, D., Miller, M., Delamere, J., Turner, D., Jensen, M., Flynn, C., Shupe, M., Comstock, J., Long, C., Clough, S., Sivaraman, C., Dunn, M., Khaiyer, M., Xie, S., Rutan, D., and Minnis, P.
  • Evaluating Convection Parameterization Assumptions Using TWP-ICE Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, G.
  • Evaluating the Impact of RRTMG/McICA in the NCAR CAM3.5 Climate Model ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Iacono, M., Collins, W., and Rasch, P.
  • Evaluation of a New Mixed-phase Cloud Microphysics Parameterization with a Single Column Model, CAPT Forecasts, and M-PACE Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, X., Ghan, S., Xie, S., Boyle, J., and Klein, S.
  • Evaluation of Cloud Physical Properties of ERA-40 and ECMWF Operational Analyses Against CERES Tropical Convective Cloud Object Observations ABSTRACT
    Xu, K.
  • Evaluation of Convection and Cloud Microphysics Parameterizations with a Single Column Model and ARM TWP-ICE Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Wang, W., Liu, X., and Xie, S.
  • Examining Role of a Third-order Turbulence Closure in the Simulation of Deep Convective Clouds ABSTRACT
    Cheng, A. and Xu, K.
  • Fast Time-resolved Aerosol Collector - Fast TRAC ABSTRACT
    Yu, X. and Cowin, J.
  • Feedback Sensitivity in a Climate GCM ABSTRACT
    Lacis, A., Del Genio, A., Carlson, B., Cairns, B., and Ma, Q.
  • GCM Aerosol Diagnostic Constrains from Satellite, AERONET, and SGP Observational Data ABSTRACT
    Liu, L., Li, J., Lacis, A., Carlson, B., Cairns, B., Alexandrov, M., and Gianelli, S.
  • Ground Based Remote Sensing of Small Ice Crystal Concentrations in Arctic Cirrus Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mishra, S., Mitchell, D., DeSlover, D., and McFarquhar, G.
  • High-resolution and Three-dimensional Simulation of Stratiform Clouds During the MASRAD and MASE Experiments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Guo, H., Liu, Y., and Daum, P.
  • High Resolution Radiometric Soil Moisture Imaging During CLASIC 2007 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gasiewski, A., McIntyre, E., Manda, D., and Klein, M.
  • History and Current Status of the Cimel Sun-photometers at ACRF Sites. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gregory, L. and Wagener, R.
  • How Tightly Does the Large-scale State Control the Fate of Convection? ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Pincus, R. and Hofmann, R.
  • Identification and Use of Surface Type to Estimate Spectral Albedo Using ARM MFR Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Gaustad, K., McFarlane, S., Long, C., Mlawer, E., and Shippert, T.
  • Immersion Freezing in Arctic Mixed-phase Stratus ABSTRACT, POSTER
    De Boer, G., Eloranta, E., Tripoli, G., and Hashino, T.
  • Impact of Error Co-variance Matrix on the ARM Variational Analysis ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Zhang, M. and Xie, S.
  • Improved Daytime PWV from Vaisala Radiosonde Humidity Sensors ABSTRACT
    Cady-Pereira, K.
  • Improvement of Broadband Shortwave and Longwave Fluxes over ARM Domains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Khaiyer, M., Minnis, P., Doelling, D., Palikonda, R., and Yi, H.
  • Improvements and Changes to the Mergedsounding VAP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Troyan, D., Jensen, M., Miller, M., Turner, D., Mlawer, E., Delamere, J., Mather, J., McFarlane, S., and Mace, G.
  • Improvements in the Blackbody Calibration of Pyrgeometers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Reda, I., Stoffel, T., Myers, D., and Grobner, J.
  • Indirect and Semi-Direct Aerosol Campaign ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ghan, S., Verlinde, J., McFarquhar, G., Schmid, B., Strapp, J., Wolde, M., Hubbe, J., Flynn, C., Laskin, A., Zelenyuk-Imre, A., Cziczo, D., Long, C., Harrington, J., Liu, P., Korolev, A., Fridlind, A., Garrett, T., Mace, G., Kok, G., Brooks, S., Collins, D., Lubin, D., Lawson, P., Dubey, M., Mazzoleni, C., Shupe, M., Xie, S., Turner, D., Min, Q., Mlawer, E., and Mitchell, D.
  • Inferring Cloud Fractional Cover and Optical Depths from MFRSR Measurements ABSTRACT
    Min, Q. and Wang, T.
  • Initial Airborne High Spectral Resolution Lidar (HSRL) Results from the Cumulus Humilis Aerosol Processing Study (CHAPS) and Cloud and Land Surface Interaction Campaign (CLASIC) ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Obland, M., Rogers, R., Hostetler, C., Hair, J., Ferrare, R., Cook, A., Harper, D., and Burton, S.
  • Initial Evaluation of the Cumulus Potential Scheme at the ACRF SGP Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Berg, L., Gustafson, W., and Kassianov, E.
  • Instrument-specific Corrections for MPL Profiles: Impact on Scientifically Relevant Quantities. ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Sivaraman, C. and Flynn, C.
  • Integrated Cloud Optical Properties from Zenith Radiance Measurements Collected During the ARM COPS Experiment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Chiu, J., Marshak, A., and Wiscombe, W.
  • Interactions of Cumulus Convection and the Boundary Layer at the ACRF Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Krueger, S. and Sun, R.
  • Interannual Variation in Surface Shortwave Transmission and TOA Albedo at ARM Climate Research Facility Southern Great Plains ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Rutan, D. and Charlock, T.
  • Intercomparison of Model Simulations of Mixed-phase Clouds Observed During the ARM Mixed-phase Arctic Cloud Experiment, Part II: Multi-layered Cloud ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Morrison, H., McCoy, R., and Klein, S.
  • Intercomparison of Model Simulations of Mixed-phase Clouds Obsesrved During M-PACE. Part I: Single Layer Cloud ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Klein, S., McCoy, R., and Morrison, H.
  • Investigation of SGP Atmospheric Moisture Budget for CLASIC ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Portis, D., Hartsock, D., and Lamb, P.
  • Investigation of the Radiative Forcings of Tropical Thin Cirrus Based on AIRS/CALIPSO/ARM Data ABSTRACT
    Yue, Q. and Liou, K.
  • Land Surface Hydrology During the Cloud Land Surface Interaction Campaign (CLASIC) in 2007 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Cosh, M., Jackson, T., Kustas, B., and Basara, J.
  • Longwave ICRCCM 3: Detailed Model Calculations and Comparisons with Approximate Methods ABSTRACT
    Kablick III, G., Gu, J., Takara, E., and Ellingson, R.
  • Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Macro-Scale Structure During the AMF Pt. Reyes Deployment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Jensen, M., Vogelmann, A., Luke, E., Miller, M., Minnis, P., Khaiyer, M., Nguyen, L., and Palikonda, R.
  • Microwave Radiometry and Sensor Synergy at the AMF During COPS ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Crewell, S., Loehnert, U., and Turner, D.
    McGraw, R. and Liu, Y.
  • Multi-layer Arctic Mixed-phase Clouds Simulated by a Cloud-resolving Model: Comparison with ARM Observations and Sensitivity Experiments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Luo, Y.
  • Niamey Dust Product from AOS and MFRSR Measurements ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Koontz, A., Flynn, C., and Jefferson, A.
  • Observed Cirrus Cloud Radiative Forcing on Surface-level Shortwave and Longwave Irradiances ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dupont, J. and Haeffelin, M.
  • Optical Properties of Arctic Aerosol in Spring Based on Sky-Radiometer and Micro-Pulse Lidar Measurements at Ny-Alesund, Svalbard ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Shiobara, M.
  • Optical Rain Gage and Tipping Bucket Rain Gage Comparisons at the ACRF TWP Sites ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Holdridge, D. and Ritsche, M.
  • Parameterization of Solar Fluxes over Mountain Surfaces for Application to Climate Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lee, W., Liou, K., and Hall, A.
  • Parameterizing the Stochastic Cloud-Radiation Approach: Modifications and Evaluation ABSTRACT
    Veron, D., Foster, M., and Barton, N.
  • Preliminary Results from Analysis of the AMF 2006 Niamey Rawinsonde Data: Some Specific Characteristics of the Atmosphere over the Sahel ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Lamb, P., Ben Mohamed, A., Miller, M., Seidou Sanda, I., Hama, H., and Abdou Adam, A.
  • Preliminary Results from the Prototype Thin-Cloud Rotating Shadowband Radiometer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Bartholomew, M., Reynolds, R., Vogelmann, A., Min, Q., Edwards, R., and Smith, S.
  • Probabilistic Evaluations of a Cloud System Resolving Model Using ARM Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Henderson, P. and Pincus, R.
  • Probability of Clear Line of Sight Using the Whole Sky Imager at the Tropical Western Pacific ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Taylor, P. and Ellingson, R.
  • Progress on an ARM/GCSS/SPARC TWP-ICE Monsoon Case Study ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Fridlind, A. and Ackerman, A.
  • Radiative Closure in the Far-infrared: Results from RHUBC-I ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Turner, D., Mlawer, E., Delamere, J., Payne, V., Clough, S., and Gamache, R.
  • Radiative Heating Profiles at the ARM Climate Research Facility TWP Sites for Radar-based Cloud Classes ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mather, J. and McFarlane, S.
  • Radiative Heating Profiles of Thick Anvil Estimated from the TRMM Precipitation Radar ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Li, W., Schumacher, C., and McFarlane, S.
  • Re-establishment of the MFRSR Calibration Facility at the SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Nelson, D., Berndt, J., Kiedron, P., Michalsky, J., Hodges, G., Disterhoft, P., Schmelzer, J., and Webb, C.
  • Recent Improvements to the Raman Lidar at the Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT
    Newsom, R., Turner, D., Goldsmith, J., Clayton, M., Sivaraman, C., and Ferrare, R.
  • Reconciling Measures of Aerosol-cloud Interactions and Their Uncertainties: a Case Study from the AMF Pt. Reyes Deployment ABSTRACT, POSTER
    McComiskey, A., Feingold, G., Frisch, S., and Min, Q.
  • Regional Carbon-Cycle Results from CLASIC ABSTRACT
    Fischer, M., Torn, M., Biraud, S., Avissar, R., Berry, J., Billesbach, D., Hirsch, A., Lopez, J., Lowenstein, M., Riley, W., and Sweeney, C.
  • Regional Carbon Fluxes and Atmospheric Carbon Dynamics in the Southern Great Plains During the 2007 CLASIC Intensive ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Biraud, S., Fischer, M., Avissar, R., Berry, J., Billesbach, D., Hirsch, A., Lopez, J., Lowenstein, M., Riley, W., Sweeney, C., and Torn, M.
  • Relating ARM Arctic Cloud and Radiation Measurements to Large-scale Dynamics and Western Arctic Climatology ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Dong, X., Xi, B., and Long, C.
  • Remote Sensing of Water Vapor, Cloud Liquid, and Temperature During RHUBC by Microwave and Millimeter Wave Radiometers ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Westwater, E., Cimini, D., Mattioli, V., Turner, D., Klein, M., Leuski, V., Gasiewski, A., and Exner, M.
  • Retrieval of Aerosol Optical Depth Under Cloudy Conditions from Multispectral Aircraft Observations: Simulation Results ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kassianov, E., Ovchinnikov, M., Berg, L., McFarlane, S., and Flynn, C.
  • Satellite Remote Sensing of Small Ice Crystal Concentrations in Cirrus Clouds ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mitchell, D., D'Entremont, R., and Lawson, P.
  • Seasonal and Decadal Variation of the Mixed Layer Across the ACRF Using RWP Data ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Coulter, R., Orr, B., and Lesht, B.
  • Sensitivity of Aerosol Indirect Effects to Cloud Parameterizations in Short-Range Weather Forecasts with CAM3 over the Southern Great Plains During May 2003 IOP ABSTRACT
    Chuang, C., Boyle, J., Xie, S., and Kelly, J.
  • Sensitivity of Low Clouds to SST Increase Simulated by UCLA-LES ABSTRACT
    Dong, S., Cheng, A., and Xu, K.
  • SGP Field Campaigns: the Other Side of Operations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Orr, B., Rusk, D., Schatz, J., Nelson, D., Breedlove, D., and Sisterson, D.
    Widener, K.
  • Shortwave Spectral Radiative Closure Studies at the ARM Climate Research Facility Southern Great Plains Site ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Delamere, J., Mlawer, E., Michalsky, J., Kiedron, P., Pilewskie, P., McBride, P., Kittelman, S., Flynn, C., and Long, C.
  • Simultaneous Estimation of Cloud and Rainfall Parameters Using ARM and Auxiliary Instruments ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Matrosov, S. and Shupe, M.
  • Spatial Variability of Tropical Cirrus from 2006 TWP-ICE ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Um, J., McFarquhar, G., and Freer, M.
  • Statistical Characteristics of Clouds and Radiation at the ARM SGP, NSA, and TWP Sites ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Xie, S., McCoy, R., and Klein, S.
  • Stochastic Approach to Study Cirrus Structure Using ARM Millimeter Wavelength Radar Observations ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Ivanova, K. and Ackerman, T.
  • Structure and Persistence of Post-frontal Stratus in Numerical Models ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Mechem, D. and Kogan, Y.
  • Studying the Transition from Cloudy to Clear Skies Using the ARM Shortwave Spectrometer ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Marshak, A., Chiu, J., Knyazikhin, Y., Wiscombe, W., and Pilewskie, P.
  • Sun and Aureole Measurement (SAM) Measurements During CLASIC and CHAPS, June 2007 ABSTRACT, POSTER
    DeVore, J., Stair, A., and McClatchey, R.
  • The Challenge of Estimating Precipitation on Alaska's North Slope ABSTRACT
    Cherry, J., Ivey, M., Zirzow, J., and Choudhury, S.
  • The Contribution of Cloud and Radiation Anomalies to the 2007 Arctic Sea Ice Extent Minimum ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Kay, J., L'Ecuyer, T., Gettelman, A., Stephens, G., and O'dell, C.
  • The First Aerosol Indirect Effect: Beyond Twomey ABSTRACT, POSTER
    Liu, Y. and Daum, P.
  • The Ice Storm of December 2007 at the SGP ABSTRACT, POSTER
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