Cirrus Cloud Flux Study Using Lidar/Radar/AERI Derived Cloud Properties

David Tobin University of Wisconsin, Madison
David Turner National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Lori Borg University of Wisconsin, Madison
Robert Holz University of Wisconsin/CIMMS
Leslie Moy University of Wisconsin, Madison
Henry Revercomb University of Wisconsin, Madison
Robert Knuteson University of Wisconsin-Madison

Category: Radiation

Previous related work by our group has focused on closure of the clear-sky flux problem and provided assessment of and improvements for the Broadband Heating Rate Profile in that regard. Here, our analyses are extended to include uniform cirrus clouds. We present results of a cloud flux closure study where observed top-of-atmosphere and surface flux measurements are compared with computed fluxes for uniform cirrus cloud events at the South-ern Great Plains site. The flux and cooling rate calculations use cloud properties derived from various sources including radar and a combined Radar/Lidar/Atmospheric Emitted Radiance Interferometer cloud algorithm.

This poster will be displayed at ARM Science Team Meeting.

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