Journal Articles : 2016

AuthorArticle TitleJournalResearch HighlightFunded By
ZhangDynamic and Thermodynamic Features of Low and Middle Clouds Derived from Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Mobile Facility Radiosonde Data at Shouxian, China (Citation)Advances in Atmospheric Sciences ARM
TurnerAn improved liquid water absorption model at microwave frequencies for supercooled liquid water clouds (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology     Yes
FengRadiative and Thermodynamic Responses to Aerosol Extinction Profiles during the Pre-monsoon Month over South Asia (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
XuWintertime aerosol chemical composition, volatility, and spatial variability in the greater London area (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
LuImproving parameterization of entrainment rate for shallow convection with aircraft measurements and large-eddy simulations (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
GentineRole of surface heat fluxes underneath cold pools (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ASR
DengCloudSat 2C-ICE product update with a new Z(e) parameterization in lidar-only region (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM
HagosMoist Process Biases in Simulations of the Madden-Julian Oscillation Episodes Observed during the AMIE/DYNAMO Field Campaign (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM ASR
Van TrichtClouds enhance Greenland ice sheet meltwater runoff (Citation)Nature Communications ARM
MullensImpacts of gulf of Mexico SST anomalies on southern plains freezing precipitation: ARW sensitivity study of the 28-30 January 2010 winter storm (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
AlbrechtExploring Stratocumulus Cloud-Top Entrainment Processes and Parameterizations by Using Doppler Cloud Radar Observations (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
de BoerUnmanned platforms monitor the Arctic atmosphere (Citation)EOS     Yes
GhateDifferences between Nonprecipitating Tropical and Trade Wind Marine Shallow Cumuli (Citation)Monthly Weather Review     Yes
WainwrightThe role of the US Great Plains low-level jet in nocturnal migrant behavior (Citation)International Journal of Biometeorology ARM
BergThe Two-Column Aerosol Project: Phase I Overview and impact of elevated aerosol layers on aerosol optical depth (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
OueUse of X-band differential reflectivity measurements to study shallow arctic mixed-phase clouds (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
WangVertical structure of boundary layer convection during cold-air outbreaks at Barrow, Alaska (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM
HuContinued emissions of carbon tetrachloride from the United States nearly two decades after its phaseout for dispersive uses (Citation)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences - PNAS ARM
RosenfeldSatellite retrieval of cloud condensation nuclei concentrations by using clouds as CCN chambers (Citation)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA ARM ASR
TangAn ensemble constrained variation alanalysis of atmospheric forcing data and its application to evaluate clouds in CAM5 (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
AliabadiComparison of Estimated Atmospheric Boundary Layer Mixing Height in the Arctic and Southern Great Plains under Statically Stable Conditions: Experimental and Numerical Aspects (Citation)Atmosphere-Ocean ARM
MorrisonImpacts of Updraft Size and Dimensionality on the Perturbation Pressure and Vertical Velocity in Cumulus Convection. Part I: Simple, Generalized Analytic Solutions (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
MorrisonImpacts of Updraft Size and Dimensionality on the Perturbation Pressure and Vertical Velocity in Cumulus Convection. Part II: Comparison of Theoretical and Numerical Solutions and Fully Dynamical Simulations (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
ParkCoherent Structures in the Boundary and Cloud Layers: Role of Updrafts, Subsiding Shells, and Environmental Subsidence (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ASR
ChenNew understanding and quantification of the regime dependence of aerosol-cloud interaction for studying aerosol indirect effects (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
JiaValidation and Spatiotemporal Analysis of CERES Surface Net Radiation Product (Citation)Remote Sensing ARM
AhlgrimmRegime dependence of cloud condensate variability observed at the Atmospheric Radiation Measurement sites. (Citation)Quarterly Journal Royal Meteorological Society     Yes
ScottUnique manifestations of mixed-phase cloud microphysics over Ross Island and the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
ZhengImproving high-resolution weather forecasts using the Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF) model with an updated Kain-Fritsch scheme (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM ASR
PettersPrediction of cloud condensation nuclei activity for organic compounds using functional group contribution methods (Citation)Geosci. Model Dev. ASR
PettersSurfactant effect on cloud condensation nuclei for two-component internally mixed aerosols (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
WilliamsReflectivity and Liquid Water Content Vertical Decomposition Diagrams to Diagnose Vertical Evolution of Raindrop Size Distributions (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology     Yes
KumjianPolarimetric radar and aircraft observations of saggy bright bands during MC3E (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
OlsonThe Microwave Radiative Properties of Falling Snow Derived from Nonspherical Ice Particle Models. Part II: Initial Testing Using Radar, Radiometer and In Situ Observations (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
RyzhkovQuasi-Vertical Profiles - A New Way to Look at Polarimetric Radar Data (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology     Yes
TaoHigh-resolution NU-WRF simulations of a deep convective-precipitation system during MC3E: Further improvements and comparisons between Goddard microphysics schemes and observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
TianDependence of entrainment in shallow cumulus convection on vertical velocity and distance to cloud edge (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
BatemanSub-micrometre particulate matter is primarily in liquid form over Amazon rainforest (Citation)Nature Geoscience     Yes
KneifelFirst observations of triple-frequency radar Doppler spectra in snowfall: Interpretation and applications (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM ASR
TurnerA large increase in US methane emissions over the past decade inferred from satellite data and surface observations (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters ARM
KalesseFingerprints of a riming event on cloud radar Doppler spectra: observations and modeling (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
LimEvaluation of long-term surface-retrieved cloud droplet number concentration with in situ aircraft observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM
Lopez-HilfikerConstraining the sensitivity of iodide adduct chemical ionization mass spectrometry to multifunctional organic molecules using the collision limit and thermodynamic stability of iodide ion adducts (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
Lopez-HilfikerMolecular Composition and Volatility of Organic Aerosol in the Southeastern US: Implications for IEPDX Derived SOA (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology ARM ASR
KazilWind speed response of marine non-precipitating stratocumulus clouds over a diurnal cycle in cloud-system resolving simulations (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
PettersenMicrowave signatures of ice hydrometeors from ground-based observations above Summit, Greenland (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
ProvodA characterization of cold pools in the West African Sahel (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM
LiuIsoprene photochemistry over the Amazon rainforest (Citation)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America     Yes
McFarquharOn the impacts of different definitions of maximum dimension for nonspherical particles recorded by 2D imaging probes (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology     Yes
GiangrandeInsights into riming and aggregation processes as revealed by aircraft, radar, and disdrometer observations for a 27 April 2011 widespread precipitation event (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
TröstlThe role of low-volatility organic compounds in initial particle growth in the atmosphere (Citation)Nature ASR
LehtipaloThe effect of acid–base clustering and ions on the growth of atmospheric nano-particles (Citation)Nature Communications     Yes
TrostlThe role of low-volatility organic compounds in initial particle growth in the atmosphere (Citation)Nature     Yes
SarnaGround-based remote sensing scheme for monitoring aerosol-cloud interactions (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
KleinmanWhat do correlations tell us about anthropogenic–biogenic interactions and SOA formation in the Sacramento plume during CARES? (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
ShrivastavaSensitivity analysis of simulated SOA loadings using a variance-based statistical approach (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems     Yes
CappaUnderstanding the optical properties of ambient sub- and supermicron particulate matter: results from the CARES 2010 field study in northern California (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
ZhaoSensitivity of biogenic volatile organic compounds to land surface parameterizations and vegetation distributions in California (Citation)Geoscientific Model Development     Yes
ZhouInfluences of Upwind Emission Sources and Atmospheric Processing on Aerosol Chemistry and Properties at a Rural Location in the Northeastern US (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
FridlindDerivation of physical and optical properties of mid-latitude cirrus ice crystals for a size-resolved cloud microphysics model (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
KumarThe Estimation of Convective Mass Flux from Radar Reflectivities (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
ConroyPaired stable isotopologues in precipitation and vapor: A case study of the amount effect within western tropical Pacific storms (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM
GibbsSensitivity of turbulence statistics in the lower portion of a numerically simulated stable boundary layer to parameters of the Deardorff subgrid turbulence model (Citation)Quarterly Journal Royal Meteorological Society ARM
BorgerTest Article (Citation)Advances in Space Research ARM ASR
WoodPlanning the next decade of coordinated research to better understand and simulate marine low clouds (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ASR
DelanoëBASTA: A 95-GHz FMCW Doppler Radar for Cloud and Fog Studies (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
DeMottSea spray aerosol as a unique source of ice nucleating particles (Citation)Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America ARM ASR
MartinIntroduction: Observations and Modeling of the Green Ocean Amazon (GoAmazon2014/5) (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
ZhengAssessment of Marine Boundary Layer Cloud Simulations in the CAM with CLUBB and Updated Microphysics Scheme Based on ARM Observations from the Azores (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
CecchiniImpacts of the Manaus pollution plume on the microphysical properties of Amazonian warm-phase clouds in the wet season (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
CoxA synthetic data set of high-spectral-resolution infrared spectra for the Arctic atmosphere (Citation)Earth System Science Data ARM
PerroA microwave satellite water vapour column retrieval for polar winter conditions (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
ChingA three-dimensional sectional representation of aerosol mixing state for simulating optical properties and cloud condensation nuclei (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
KulkarniIce nucleation activity of diesel soot particles at cirrus relevant temperature conditions: Effects of hydration, secondary organics coating, soot morphology, and coagulation (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
JensenComparison of Vaisala radiosondes RS41 and RS92 at the ARM Southern Great Plains site (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques     Yes
BurleysonSpatial Variability of the Background Diurnal Cycle of Deep Convection around the GoAmazon2014/5 Field Campaign Sites (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology     Yes
BelaWet scavenging of soluble gases in DC3 deep convective storms using WRF-Chem simulations and aircraft observations (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
MlynczakThe Spectroscopic Foundation of Radiative Forcing of Climate by Carbon Dioxide (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
FordMulti-decadal variability of soil moisture–temperature coupling over the contiguous United States modulated by Pacific and Atlantic sea surface temperatures (Citation)International Journal of Climatology ARM
RiihimakiA path towards uncertainty assignment in an operational cloud-phase algorithm from ARM vertically pointing active sensors (Citation)Advances in Statistical Climatology, Meteorology and Oceanography ARM
PowellUpdraft Buoyancy within and Moistening by Cumulonimbi prior to MJO Convective Onset in a Regional Model (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
JanigaMJO Moisture Budget during DYNAMO in a Cloud-Resolving Model (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
HannahA Lagrangian View of Moisture Dynamics during DYNAMO (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
FitchAssessing VIIRS cloud base height products with data collected at the Department of Energy Atmospheric Radiation Measurement sites (Citation)International Journal of Remote Sensing ARM ASR
HelmusThe Python ARM Radar Toolkit (Py-ART), a Library for Working with Weather Radar Data in the Python Programming Language (Citation)Journal of Open Research Software.     Yes
SrivastavaSimulation of Aerosol Fields over South Asia Using Chimere - Part-I: Spatio-Temporal Characteristics and Heterogeneity (Citation)Current Science ARM
GeertsThe 2015 Plains Elevated Convection At Night (PECAN) field project (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
Van WeverbergTowards retrieving critical relative humidity from ground-based remote-sensing observations (Citation)Quarterly Journal Royal Meteorological Society     Yes
YangConditions for super-adiabatic droplet growth after entrainment mixing (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
BorqueOn the unified estimation of turbulence eddy dissipation rate using Doppler cloud radars and lidars (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
LuoMarine boundary layer structure as observed by A-train satellites (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
MillanQuantifying marine boundary layer water vapor beneath low clouds with near-infrared and microwave imagery (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
KalesseUnderstanding rapid changes in phase partitioning between cloud liquid and ice in stratiform mixed-phase clouds: An Arctic Case Study (Citation)Monthly Weather Review     Yes
SinghBoundary layer evolution over the central Himalayas from radio wind profiler and model simulations (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
HodshireMultiple new-particle growth pathways observed at the US DOE Southern Great Plains field site (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics     Yes
TwohyAbundance of fluorescent biological aerosol particles at temperatures conducive to the formation of mixed-phase and cirrus clouds (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
MoradiDiurnal variation of tropospheric relative humidity in tropical regions (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
WhelanCarbonyl sulfide exchange in soils for better estimates of ecosystem carbon uptake (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
NewtonOzonesonde profiles from the West Pacific Warm Pool: measurements and validation (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
WagleAnalysis and estimation of tallgrass prairie evapotranspiration in thecentral United States (Citation)Agricultural and Forest Meteorology ARM
YangObservation of the spectrally invariant properties of clouds in cloudy-to-clear transition zones during the MAGIC field campaign (Citation)Atmospheric Research     Yes
CreameanThe relationships between insoluble precipitation residues, clouds, and precipitation over California’s southern Sierra Nevada during winter storms (Citation)Atmospheric Environment ARM
WagnerError Characteristics of Ceilometer-Based Observations of Cloud Amount (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
de SzoekeThe Time Scales of Variability of Marine Low Clouds (Citation)Journal of Climate     Yes
CoxThe Role of Springtime Arctic Clouds in Determining Autumn Sea Ice Extent (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM ASR
LinDistinct Impacts of Aerosols on an Evolving Continental Cloud Complex during the RACORO Field Campaign (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
RalphCalWater Field Studies Designed to Quantify the Roles of Atmospheric Rivers and Aerosols in Modulating U.S. West Coast Precipitation in a Changing Climate (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
SullivanUnderstanding cirrus ice crystal number variability for different heterogeneous ice nucleation spectra (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
ZamoraAircraft-measured indirect cloud effects from biomass burning smoke in the Arctic and subarctic (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
PistoneObserved correlations between aerosol and cloud properties in an Indian Ocean trade cumulus regime (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM
AlpertAnalysis of isothermal and cooling-rate-dependent immersion freezing by a unifying stochastic ice nucleation model (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ARM ASR
OrtegaThe CU 2D-MAX-DOAS instrument - part 2: Raman scattering probability measurements and retrieval of aerosol optical properties (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
OrtegaElevated aerosol layers modify the O2–O2 absorption measured by ground-based MAX-DOAS (Citation)Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer ARM ASR
de BoerThe Pilatus unmanned aircraft system for lower atmospheric research (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
NipleApplication of oxygen A-band equivalent width to disambiguate downwelling radiances for cloud optical depth measurement (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
QuiringThe North American Soil Moisture Database: Development and Applications (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM
AhmedA Retrieval of Tropical Latent Heating Using the 3D Structure of Precipitation Features (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM ASR
CarlinHydrometeor Mixing Ratio Retrievals for Storm-Scale Radar Data Assimilation: Utility of Current Relations and Potential Benefits of Polarimetry (Citation)Monthly Weather Review ARM ASR
ChingBlack carbon mixing state impacts on cloud microphysical properties: Effects of aerosol plume and environmental conditions (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
TaoThe relationship between latent heating, vertical velocity, and precipitation processes: The impact of aerosols on precipitation in organized deep convective systems (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
WeckwerthValidation of a Water Vapor Micropulse Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
MejiaCoupling sky images with radiative transfer models: a new method to estimate cloud optical depth (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
NewmanEvaluation of three lidar scanning strategies for turbulence measurements (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
ConnorGFIT2: an experimental algorithm for vertical profile retrieval from near-IR spectra (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
SinghVariations in the cloud-base height over the central Himalayas during GVAX: Association with the monsoon rainfall (Citation)Current Science ARM ASR
PosseltQuantitative Sensitivity Analysis of Physical Parameterizations for Cases of Deep Convection in the NASA GEOS-5 (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
PowellUpdraft Buoyancy within and Moistening by Cumulonimbi prior to MJO Convective Onset in a Regional Model (Citation)Journal of Aerosol Science ARM ASR
WangModeling the MJO in a cloud-resolving model with parameterized large-scale dynamics: Vertical structure, radiation, and horizontal advection of dry air (Citation)Journal of Advances in Modeling Earth Systems ARM
WongRetrieval of the ocean skin temperature profiles from measurements of infrared hyperspectral radiometers—Part II: Field data analysis (Citation)IEEE Transactions on Geoscience and Remote Sensing ARM
TangFast playback framework for analysis of ground-based doppler radar observations using MapReduce technology (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
LangObservations of two sprite-producing storms in Colorado (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
ChenAircraft observations of dry air, the ITCZ, convective cloud systems, and cold pools in MJO during DYNAMO (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
ShariffMaking aircraft vortices visible to radar by spraying water into the wake (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
GhateOn the controls of daytime precipitation in the Amazonian dry season (Citation)Journal of Hydrometeorology ARM ASR
PainemalFirst extended validation of satellite microwave liquid water path with ship-based observations of marine low clouds (Citation)Geophysical Research Letters     Yes
UttalInternational Arctic Systems for Observing the Atmosphere: An International Polar Year legacy consortium (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
BuLidar and Millimeter-Wave Cloud Radar (MWCR) techniques for joint observations of cirrus in Shouxian (32.56n, 116.78e), China (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics ARM ASR
WangAirborne soil organic particles generated by precipitation (Citation)Nature Geoscience ARM ASR
CollowCloudiness over the Amazon rainforest: Meteorology and thermodynamics (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
MarinescuThe microphysical contributions to and evolution of latent heating profiles in two MC3E MCSs (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
SaleebyAerosol Effects on the Anvil Characteristics of Mesoscale Convective Systems (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
LiuResponse of marine boundary layer cloud properties to aerosol perturbations associated with meteorological conditions from the 19-month AMF-Azores campaign (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences     Yes
SchiroDeep Convection and Column Water Vapor over Tropical Land versus Tropical Ocean: A Comparison between the Amazon and the Tropical Western Pacific (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
SporreComparison of MODIS and VIIRS cloud properties with ARM ground-based observations over Finland (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
KeitaImportance of Chemical Composition of Ice Nuclei on the Formation of Arctic Ice Clouds (Citation)Pure and Applied Geophysics ARM
CollierRegional Influence of Aerosol Emissions from Wildfires Driven by Combustion Efficiency: Insights from the BBOP Campaign (Citation)Environmental Science & Technology     Yes
TiiraEnsemble mean density and its connection to other microphysical properties of falling snow as observed in Southern Finland (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR
ElsaesserAn Improved Convective Ice Parameterization for the NASA GISS Global Climate Model and Impacts on Cloud Ice Simulation (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM ASR
FordThe Observation Record Length Necessary to Generate Robust Soil Moisture Percentiles (Citation)Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology ARM
IgelThe Importance of the Shape of Cloud Droplet Size Distributions in Shallow Cumulus Clouds. Part I: Bin Microphysics Simulations (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM
LoufThe Seasonal and Diurnal Cycles of Refractivity and Anomalous Propagation in the Sahelian Area from Microwave Radiometric Profiling (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
WilliamsSeparating the effects of phenology and diffuse radiation on gross primary productivity in winter wheat (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research-Biogeosciences ARM ASR
FastModel representations of aerosol layers transported from North America over the Atlantic Ocean during the Two-Column Aerosol Project (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM ASR
HiranumaDevelopment and characterization of an ice-selecting pumped counterflow virtual impactor (IS-PCVI) to study ice crystal residuals (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques     Yes
HeiblumCharacterization of cumulus cloud fields using trajectories in the center of gravity versus water mass phase space: 1. Cloud tracking and phase space description (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
HeiblumCharacterization of cumulus cloud fields using trajectories in the center of gravity versus water mass phase space: 2. Aerosol effects on warm convective clouds (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres     Yes
WuOn the impacts of different definitions of maximum dimension for non-spherical particles recorded by 2D imaging probes (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM ASR
FanReview of Aerosol–Cloud Interactions: Mechanisms, Significance, and Challenges (Citation)Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences ARM ASR
Marquardt CollowThe Seasonal Cycle of the Radiation Budget and Cloud Radiative Effect in the Amazon Rain Forest of Brazil (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM ASR
HongAssessing the Radiative Effects of Global Ice Clouds Based on Cloudsat and Calipso Measurements (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM
MullensSynoptic Pattern Analysis and Climatology of Ice and Snowstorms in the Southern Great Plains, 1993–2011 (Citation)Weather and Forecasting ARM ASR
CurtisAccelerated simulation of stochastic particle removal processes in particle-resolved aerosol models (Citation)Journal of Computational Physics ARM ASR
InoueBias Corrections of Gosat Swir Xco2 and Xch4 with Tccon Data and Their Evaluation Using Aircraft Measurement Data (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM
AlappattuAnomalous propagation conditions over eastern Pacific Ocean derived from MAGIC data (Citation)Radio Science ARM
ChenSimulations of sulfate–nitrate–ammonium (SNA) aerosols during the extreme haze events over northern China in October 2014 (Citation)Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics ASR
GoodAn in situ-based analysis of the relationship between land surface "skin" and screen-level air temperatures (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM
McCombsAssessment of the importance of moderate spatial resolution cloud climatology data in solar radiation modeling (Citation)Physical Geography ARM
ThompsonMeasuring cloud thermodynamic phase with shortwave infrared imaging spectroscopy (Citation)Journal of Geophysical Research – Atmospheres ARM
BergIntercalibration of the GPM Microwave Radiometer Constellation (Citation)Journal of Atmospheric and Oceanic Technology ARM
EidhammerImprovements in global climate model microphysics using a consistent representation of ice particle properties (Citation)Journal of Climate ARM ASR
ZuidemaSmoke and clouds above the Southeast Atlantic: upcoming field campaigns probe absorbing aerosol’s impact on climate (Citation)Bulletin of the American Meteorological Society ARM ASR
UrquhartSky camera geometric calibration using solar observations (Citation)Atmospheric Measurement Techniques ARM ASR