Features and Releases Archive


Feb 25 Nature Article: Carbon Dioxide’s Greenhouse Effect at Earth’s Surface Confirmed Using ARM Data
Feb 03 North Slope Megasite Preparations Take Form
Jan 23 Chasing Aerosols and Atmospheric Rivers
Jan 15 Studying the Amazon Basin’s Climate by Air and by Land
Jan 09 Seeing the Forest Through the Trees—And to the Aerosols
Jan 06 Eastern North Atlantic Site Expands Data Capabilities


Nov 14 Around the World in 52 Months
Aug 27 Heartfelt Goodbye to Manus Island
Jul 09 Sally McFarlane Named DOE ARM Program Manager
Jul 01 A Richly Deserved Retirement; a Job Well Done
Jun 02 First Phase of Research Flights Completed for GOAMAZON
Apr 04 ARM Megasites Previewed at Annual Science Team Meeting
Feb 18 A New Species in the Amazon Rain Forest: Scientists
Feb 05 Biogenic Aerosols Examined in Finland Forest


Dec 30 Pole Position: New Field Campaigns Explore Arctic and Antarctic Atmosphere
Nov 13 Research Flights Completed for Biomass Burning Field Campaign
Nov 07 MAGIC Takes a Bow
Oct 17 New Climate Research Site in the Azores Fills Critical Data Gap
Sep 30 Small Footprint, Big Shoes: Stepping Out at Nauru
Sep 26 Climate Data Now Flowing from Oliktok, Alaska
Sep 17 Popular Science’s Brilliant 10 Includes ARM Radar Meteorologist
Aug 14 From Shining Sea to Tropical Rain Forest
Jul 08 Aerosol Research Heats Up During Summer Fire Season
Jun 20 Taking the Heat in the U.S. Great Plains
Apr 05 New England Winter No Match for Science on the Cape
Apr 03 Cloud Cocktail Melts Greenland Ice Sheet
Feb 15 A Homecoming Party at the Los Angeles Shipping Dock
Jan 29 New Field Campaigns Move Mobile Facility to Finland Forest and California Coast; Aircraft to Explore Aerosol and Gases
Jan 09 DOE’s Wanda Ferrell Receives Society Award for Leadership in Atmospheric Science


Dec 20 Education Collaboration Provides Motivation for Science Exploration
Oct 01 Ahoy! It’s MAGIC in the Pacific
Aug 13 Up Close and Personal at Cape Cod National Seashore
Jul 26 Capturing Aerosol Evolution at Cape Cod
May 17 Aerosol Research Keeps “PACE” with Ecosystem Science
May 10 ARM Mobile Facility Completes Aerosol Campaign in India
May 07 Southern Great Plains Site in Path of Tornado
Apr 18 AMIE Comes to an End on Manus and Gan Islands
Apr 13 SGP Site Staff Share Successes, Challenges in the Name of Science
Jan 31 Expanding Horizons for Climate Research


Dec 08 The World’s Largest Radar Laboratory
Dec 01 User Facility Highlights at AGU 2011 Fall Meeting
Nov 14 New Study Reveals and Quantifies Magnitude of Long-term Aerosol Effects on Clouds and Precipitation
Oct 31 Aloha! Mobile Facility to Sail the Pacific; Southern Great Plains Hosts Aerosol and Carbon Campaigns
Oct 03 AMIE, What You Wanna Do?
Sep 28 Pass the lotion; new study shows drying trend over Great Plains
Jun 28 Storm Study in Oklahoma Records Extreme Weather Events
Jun 10 U.S. Department of Energy Kicks Off Scientific Collaboration with India
Jun 10 Mobile Facility Anchors U.S.-India Collaboration for Cloud-Aerosol Studies


Dec 09 Scientists Begin 5-month Study of Cloud Life Cycles
Dec 07 User Facility Highlights at 2010 AGU Fall Meeting
Nov 16 Future Field Campaigns Span Atlantic Ocean to Indian Ocean
Jul 24 CARES Campaign Comes to a Close in California
Jun 29 Mobile Facility Completes First Test at Sea
Jun 25 Happy Anniversary! ARM Data Quality Office Turns Ten
Jun 02 Field Campaign Begins in Sacramento to Study Aging Aerosols
May 06 Ceilometer Represents First Deployment of New Ground-based Instruments from Recovery Act
Jan 14 ARM Climate Research Facility – Highlights at AMS Annual Meeting
Jan 06 Cirrus Clouds Hold Clues to Climate


Dec 10 Highlights from DOE Scientific User Facility at AGU Fall Meeting 2009
Dec 08 Thumbs-Up for Radar Design Reviews—Key Recovery Act Milestone
Sep 25 Nature Magazine Features Mobile Facility Deployment In China
Sep 11 Open House Draws Crowd to ARM Climate Research Facility Display
Aug 17 The Air is Rare Up There!
Jul 09 RACORO Campaign Comes to a Close
May 13 Preparations Heat Up for Field Campaign in Chile
Mar 27 Ceremony in the Azores Recognizes Scientific Collaborations
Feb 05 What’s the Skinny on Thin Clouds?
Jan 09 Program Highlights at American Meteorological Society Annual Meeting


Dec 11 Climate Research, User Facility Capabilities Highlighted at American Geophysical Union Meeting
Oct 23 Field Campaigns for 2010 Range from the Arctic to the Azores
Aug 27 Argonne National Laboratory Wins Award for Ocean-Going Climate Observatory
May 19 A Quest for Answers About Aerosols
Mar 31 Aerosols and Clouds: A Complex Climate Connection


Dec 11 National User Facility Leads to Multidisciplinary Climate Research
Jul 19 Marked Improvements Shown in Global Weather Forecast Model
Jun 07 Researchers Combine Atmospheric Science with Heartland Farming
Jun 04 Climate Scientists Air Their Views in Oklahoma
May 15 It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s a…Helicopter?
Apr 02 ARM Mobile Facility Begins Precipitation Investigation in the Black Forest
Feb 26 Arctic Winter Provides Window of Opportunity to Improve Climate Models


Nov 02 DOE Awards $6.4M, Three-Year Aerial Vehicles Program to Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Feb 16 ARM Program Develops Education Tool Focused on Tropical Climate
Feb 14 Tropical Cloud Study Concludes; Science Students Play Key Role
Feb 02 Synchronized Flights by U.S. and International Research Aircraft Reveal Intriguing Information about Ice Particles in Clouds
Jan 18 Mobile Climate Monitoring Facility to Sample Skies in Africa
Jan 12 U.S. Climate Scientists Join Collaborators in Australia to Begin Tropical Cloud Experiment


Sep 08 International Climate Researchers Meet in U.S. to Simulate Flight Operations for Tropical Storm Cloud Experiment
Sep 01 Climate Scientists Gather at Sandia National Laboratories to Simulate Tropical Cloud Experiment
Aug 01 Connection Between Clouds and Climate Highlighted in a Special Section of Scientific Journal
Jun 30 New Mobile Atmospheric Laboratory Gathering Weather and Climate Change Data on the California Coast


Nov 04 Media Advisory: New Climate Education Resource Available Online for Teachers and Students
Aug 17 Press Release: U.S. Department of Energy’s Atmospheric Radiation Measurement Program Achieves Milestone in Climate Modeling Research