Measurement :



The above measurement is considered scientifically relevant for the following instruments. Refer to the datastream (netcdf) file headers of each instrument for a list of all available measurements, including those recorded for diagnostic or quality assurance purposes.


  • RUC : Rapid Update Cycle Model Data Datastreams
    • ALLRUC20HYBR : Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model: hybrid analysis data, 20-km resolution
    • ALLRUC40HYBR : Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model: hybrid analyisis data, 40 km resolution
    • RUC20HYBR : Rapid Update Cycle (RUC) model: daily hybrid analysis data, 20 km resolution
  • ECMWFDIAG : European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecasts Diagnostic Analyses Datastreams
    • ECMWFSFC : ECMWF: surface variables and fluxes, entire coverage, 1-hr avg