Measurement : Black carbon concentration

The concentration of carbon in its very absorbing, elemental, non-organic, non-oxide form (e.g. graphite).

Aerosols, Atmospheric Carbon


The above measurement is considered scientifically relevant for the following instruments. Refer to the datastream (netcdf) file headers of each instrument for a list of all available measurements, including those recorded for diagnostic or quality assurance purposes.

  • ARM Instruments
    • AETH : Aethalometer
    • SP2 : Single Particle Soot Photometer
  • Field Campaign Instruments
    • AEROSCARBON : Aerosol Carbon Analyzer
    • AMT : Aerosol Modeling Testbed
    • AETH : Aethalometer
    • DRI-GND : Desert Research Institute Ground-Based Aerosol Instruments
    • SCOCEC : Semi-Continuous Organic Carbon Elemental Carbon Instrument
    • SP2 : Single Particle Soot Photometer
    • SP2-AIR : Single Particle Soot Photometer - Airborne
    • SP-AMS : Soot particle aerosol mass spectrometer