Instrument : Soil Water and Temperature System (SWATS)

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Surface/Subsurface Properties

Picture of the Soil Water and Temperature System (SWATS)

General Overview

The Soil Water And Temperature System (SWATS) is designed to provide information about the temperature of the soil and the status of water in the soil profile. Sensors installed at various depths below the soil surface provide hourly measurements of soil temperature and estimates of soil-water potential and volumetric water content. SWATS systems are installed at 21 of the ARM SGP CART Extended Facilities (EFs). The SWATS instrument system is comprised of 16 sensors: eight sensors located at different depths in the soil profile, replicated in two profiles.

Output Datastreams

  • swats : Soil Water and Temperature Profiling System (SWATS): soil temp & water profiles
  • swatspcp : Soil Water and Temperature Profiling System Rain Gauges (SWATSPCP)

Primary Measurements

The following measurements are those considered scientifically relevant.


Southern Great Plains
SGPE1 Browse DataLarned, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE2 Browse DataHillsboro, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE3 Browse DataLeRoy, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE4 Browse DataPlevna, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE5 Browse DataHalstead, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE6 Browse DataTowanda, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE7 Browse DataElk Falls, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE8 Browse DataColdwater, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE9 Browse Data Browse PlotsAshton, KS (Extended)
SGPE10 Browse DataTyro, KS (Extended) retired
SGPE11 Browse Data Browse PlotsByron, OK (Extended)
SGPE12 Browse DataPawhuska, OK (Extended)
SGPE13 Browse DataLamont, OK (Extended)
SGPE15 Browse DataRingwood, OK (Extended)
SGPE16 Browse DataVici, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE18 Browse DataMorris, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE19 Browse DataEl Reno, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE20 Browse DataMeeker, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE22 Browse DataCordell, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE24 Browse DataCyril, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE25 Browse DataSeminole, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE27 Browse DataEarlsboro, OK (Extended) retired
SGPE31 Browse DataAnthony, KS (Extended)
SGPE32 Browse DataMedford, OK (Extended)
SGPE33 Browse DataNewkirk, OK (Extended)
SGPE34 Browse DataMaple City, KS (Extended)
SGPE35 Browse DataTryon, OK (Extended)
SGPE36 Browse DataMarshall, OK (Extended)
SGPE37 Browse DataWaukomis, OK (Extended)
SGPE38 Browse DataOmega, OK (Extended)
 retired = Originating instrument has been retired at this location


David Cook
Argonne National Laboratory
(630) 252-5840

Brian Ermold
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
(509) 375-2277

Jenni Kyrouac
Argonne National Laboratory