Instrument Locations

Site abbreviations explained in the key.

Instrument Name Abbreviation NSA SGP TWP AMF
Aerosol Chemical Speciation MonitorACSM             
Atmospheric Emitted Radiance InterferometerAERI             
Ameriflux Measurement ComponentAMC             
Aerosol Observing SystemAOS             
Meteorological Measurements associated with the Aerosol Observing SystemAOSMET             
Broadband Radiometer StationBRS             
Cloud Condensation Nuclei Particle CounterCCN             
Continuous Light Absorption PhotometerCLAP             
Carbon Monoxide Mixing Ratio SystemCO             
Carbon Dioxide Flux Measurement SystemsCO2FLX             
Condensation Particle CounterCPC             
C-Band ARM Precipitation RadarCSAPR             
Cimel SunphotometerCSPHOT             
Impact DisdrometerDISDROMETER             
Doppler LidarDL             
Energy Balance Bowen Ratio StationEBBR             
Eddy Correlation Flux Measurement SystemECOR             
Flask Samplers for Carbon Cycle Gases and IsotopesFLASK             
Ground Radiometers on Stand for Upwelling RadiationGNDRAD             
G-band (183 GHz) Vapor RadiometerGVR             
G-band (183 GHz) Vapor Radiometer ProfilerGVRP             
High Spectral Resolution LidarHSRL             
Humidified Tandem Differential Mobility AnalyzerHTDMA             
In-situ Aerosol Profiles (Cessna Aerosol Flights)IAP             
Infra-Red Sky ImagerIRSI             
Infrared ThermometerIRT             
Integrated Sounding SystemISSSONDE             
Ka-Band Scanning ARM Cloud RadarKASACR             
Ka ARM Zenith RadarKAZR             
Automatic Weather StationMAWS             
Surface Meteorological InstrumentationMET             
Multifilter RadiometerMFR             
Multifilter Radiometer and Infrared ThermometerMFRIRT             
Multifilter Rotating Shadowband RadiometerMFRSR             
Millimeter Wavelength Cloud RadarMMCR             
Micropulse LidarMPL             
Microwave RadiometerMWR             
Microwave Radiometer, 3 ChannelMWR3C             
Microwave Radiometer - High FrequencyMWRHF             
Microwave Radiometer ProfilerMWRP             
Narrow Field of View Zenith RadiometerNFOV             
Normal Incidence Multifilter RadiometerNIMFR             
Optical Rain GaugeORG             
Ozone MonitorOZONE             
Photoacoustic Soot SpectrometerPASS             
Precision Carbon Dioxide Mixing Ratio SystemPGS             
Particle Soot Absorption PhotometerPSAP             
Rain GaugeRAIN             
Raman LidarRL             
Rotating Shadowband SpectroradiometerRSS             
Radar Wind ProfilerRWP             
Shortwave Array Spectroradiometer-HemisphericSASHE             
Shortwave Array Spectroradiometer-ZenithSASZE             
Surface Energy Balance SystemSEBS             
Solar and Infrared Radiation StationSIRS             
Sky Radiometers on Stand for Downwelling RadiationSKYRAD             
Surface Meteorological Observation System Instruments for SGPSMOS             
Scanning mobility particle sizerSMPS             
Mini Sound Detection and RangingSODAR             
Balloon-Borne Sounding SystemSONDE             
ultrasonic wind sensorSONICWIND             
Surface Temperature and Humidity Reference System for SondesSURTHREF             
W-Band (95 GHz) ARM Cloud Radar, mounted to scanSWACR             
Soil Water and Temperature SystemSWATS             
Shortwave SpectroradiometerSWS             
Tandem Differential Mobility AnalyzerTDMA             
Temperature, Humidity, Wind and Pressure SensorsTHWAPS             
Total Precipitation SensorTPS             
Trace gas concentrationsTRACEGAS             
Total Sky ImagerTSI             
Facility-specific multi-level Meteorological InstrumentationTWR             
Tower CameraTWRCAM             
Ultra-High Sensitivity Aerosol SpectrometerUHSAS             
Video DisdrometerVDIS             
W-Band (95 GHz) ARM Cloud RadarWACR             
W-band Scanning ARM Cloud RadarWSACR             
X-Band Scanning ARM Cloud RadarXSACR             
X-Band Scanning ARM Precipitation RadarXSAPR             


NSA C1 Barrow, Alaska
NSA C2 Atqasuk, Alaska
NSA EF Extended Facility
SGP BF Boundary Facility
SGP CF Central Facility
SGP EF Extended Facility
SGP IF Intermediate Facility
TWP C1 Manus, PNG
TWP C2 Nauru Island
TWP C3 Darwin, Australia
TWP EF Extended Facility
TWP IF Intermediate Facility
AMF* ARM Mobile Facility deployments

*A list of baseline instruments is available on each deployment web page.