Instrument : Aethalometer (AETH)

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The Aethalometer® operates on the same principle as the Particle Soot Absorption Photometer, i.e., continuously measuring the transmission of sample air through a filter substrate and the absorbing aerosol particles collected in the filter. However, it employs more wavelengths (7) and has a movable filter (tape) to allow continuous operation over long periods without requiring filter changes.

The AETH is part of the Aerosol Observing System (AOS).

Output Datastreams

  • aosaeth : AOS: Aethalometer, measures Black Carbon

Primary Measurements

The following measurements are those considered scientifically relevant.


ARM Mobile Facility
MAOS1 Browse DataManacapuru, Amazonas, Brazil; MAOS
PVCS1 Browse DataHighland Center, Cape Cod MA; MAOS retired
 retired = Originating instrument has been retired at this location

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