Instructions for Sending Final Field Campaign Data to the Archive (public area), via the XDC FTP Site

  1. Email Alice Cialella to create your subdirectory with your name and the name of your instrument.
  2. Connect to the anonymous ftp site at the XDC:
    • ftp
    • login anonymous
    • password <email address>
  3. Move to the appropriate directory for the field campaign, for example:
    • cd /incoming/2006/twp/twp-ice
  4. Find your subdirectory:
    • ls
    • cd <pi-instrument>, for example jakob-sonde
  5. Upload your data to the site in zip or tar archive format. This should include:
    • The data and associated metadata files
    • A README describing the instrument and the content and format of the data files, as well as:
      • Brief summary of the instrument source or algorithm used to create the data set or a link to page that describes this information
      • Indication of the location where the data were collected and the time period of the collection
      • Indication of the temporal frequency of the data set
      • Description of file types present including an explanation of naming convention
      • An explanation of any directory structure within the data set
      • Information about future or related field campaign data sets, including planned revisions to this data set
      • Description of any data usage code provided
      • A list of primary measurements

      (This README file most appreciated in html format.)

    • A sample figure illustrating the data
    • A brief description (or code) used to generate the figure
    • Any other documentation you may have, e.g. white papers, refereed papers, etc. or any other relevant information as deemed appropriate.
    • Contact name, phone, email (PI or other knowledgable person)
  6. The XDC will deliver your data to the ARM Field Campaign Archive in the equivalent subdirectory and you will at that point be notified to review the information one last time.
  7. Additional notes:
    • Contact the ARM Archive if you need a private preliminary data area set up while the field campaign is in progress to share data and information.
    • Ascii text files should end in .txt or .asc and netCDF files in .cdf so they will be recognized as such by the software.
    • Assume that any zip files will be unzipped, i.e. do not list files with .zip in README documentation.
    • If processed files are available and raw data exist, raw data will be made available from the Archive upon request, but not kept online.