Value-Added Products (VAP)

Many of the scientific needs of the ARM Climate Research Facility are met through the analysis and processing of existing data products into "value-added" products, or VAPs. Despite extensive instrumentation deployed at the ARM sites, there will always be quantities of interest that are either impractical or impossible to measure directly or routinely. Physical models using ARM instrument data as inputs are implemented as VAPs and can help fill some of the unmet measurement needs of the ARM Facility or improve the quality of existing measurements. In addition, when more than one measurement is available, ARM also produces "best-estimate" VAPs.

All VAPs produce c1 level output files, while newer VAPs, which have been updated to the ARM quality control standards, produce both c1 and s1 output files (see ARM file naming conventions). The s1 files are summary files that contain a subset of the c1 file variables (generally the primary variables), have simplified quality control flags, and have known 'bad' values set to missing data. When available, s1 files are the recommended file for the general user.

VAPFull NameSite(s)StartEnd
aerinfAERI Noise FilteredASI, AWR, FKB, GRW, HFE, MAO, NIM, NSA, PGH, PVC, PYE, SGP, SMT, TWP2005.03.232017.03.31
aeriprofAERI Profiles of Water Vapor and TemperatureSGP1996.06.142016.01.26
aerosolbeAerosol Best EstimateSGP2001.01.012016.04.30
aipAerosol Intensive PropertiesAWR, FKB, GRW, HFE, MAO, NIM, NSA, PGH, PVC, PYE, SGP1996.07.022016.09.30
aodAerosol Optical Depth, derived from atmospheric extinction of solar irradianceACX, ASI, AWR, FKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, MAO, MCQ, NSA, OLI, PGH, PVC, PYE, SBS, SGP, TMP, TWP1997.01.162018.03.31
aosccnavgAerosol Observing System (AOS): cloud condensation nuclei data, averagedASI, AWR, GRW, MAO, PGH, PVC, SGP2007.05.192017.03.31
armbeARM Best Estimate Data ProductsHFE, NSA, SGP, TWP1994.01.012012.12.31
armbe2dgrid2D Gridded Surface Data SetSGP2011.01.012012.12.31
armbestnsStation-based Surface ProductsSGP2011.01.012012.12.31
arsclActive Remotely-Sensed Cloud LocationsNSA, SGP, TWP1996.11.072011.03.23
baebbrBest-Estimate Fluxes From EBBR Measurements and Bulk Aerodynamics CalculationsSGP1993.07.042016.04.28
befluxBest-Estimate Radiative FluxSGP1995.05.192016.05.24
bsrncalcBaseline Solar Radiation Network (BSRN): calculated solar irradiancesSGP1993.10.091994.08.13
ccnprofCloud Condensation Nuclei ProfileSGP2006.09.152014.06.24
diffcorCorrection of Diffuse Shortwave MeasurementsASI, MCQ, NSA, SGP, TWP1993.09.012018.03.31
dlprofDoppler Lidar ProfilesASI, AWR, ENA, MAO, NSA, OLI, PGH, PVC, SGP, TWP2010.10.222017.03.31
gvrpwvG-Band Vapor Radiometer Precipitable Water VaporNSA2006.09.282016.05.24
interpsondeInterpolated SondeGAN, NSA, SGP, TWP1998.10.212016.05.03
kazrcorKAZR Corrected DataGAN, NSA, SGP, TWP2011.04.222013.12.31
lblLine-By-Line Radiative Transfer ModelSGP1993.12.082005.01.08
lssondeMicrowave Radiometer-Scaled Sonde ProfilesACX, SGP1994.04.112016.05.25
mergesondeMerged SoundingFKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, NIM, NSA, PYE, SGP, TWP1996.07.152015.06.29
mfrsrcldodCloud Optical Properties from MFRSR Using Min AlgorithmAWR, FKB, GAN, GRW, MAO, NSA, PGH, PVC, PYE, SGP, TWP1997.08.212016.09.30
microbaseContinuous Baseline Microphysical RetrievalNSA, SGP, TWP1996.11.082015.02.12
mmcrmodeMMCR mode moments, derived by ARSCL processNSA, SGP, TWP1996.11.082011.03.23
mplavgMPL: data averaged to fixed 30 second interval, e.g. for polarized dataFKB, GRW, HFE, NSA, PGH, SGP, TWP1990.01.012011.08.17
mplcbhCloud Base Height from MPL Using Scott-Spinhirne AlgorithmSGP, TWP1994.04.102001.03.10
mplcmaskCloud mask from Micropulse LidarACX, ASI, AWR, ENA, FKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, MAG, MAO, NSA, OLI, PGH, PVC, SGP, TMP, TWP1990.01.012017.03.31
mplnorNormalized Backscatter Profiles from the Micropulse LidarSGP, TWP1996.05.012004.05.11
mwravgMicrowave Radiometer Averages in 1- and 5-Minute IncrementsNSA, SGP, TWP1993.10.092007.06.04
mwrretMWR RetrievalsFKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, MAO, NIM, NSA, PGH, PVC, SGP, TWP1996.09.012016.05.21
ndropDroplet number concentrationGRW, SGP1998.01.012015.02.12
pblhtPlanetary Boundary Layer HeightACX, AWR, ENA, FKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, MAG, MAO, NIM, NSA, OLI, PGH, PYE, SGP, TMP, TWP2001.04.012016.09.30
qcecorQuality Controlled Eddy Correlation Flux MeasurementFKB, GRW, HFE, NIM, PYE, SGP2003.09.092015.12.31
qcradData Quality Assessment for ARM Radiation DataFKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, NIM, NSA, OLI, PGH, PVC, PYE, SBS, SGP, TWP1993.09.012016.05.25
qmeaerilblComparison of Statistics or Clouds data from AERI vs. LBLRTM Model runsNSA, SGP, TWP1993.12.082007.06.06
qmelwfluxComparison of Longwave Flux Data from AERI and LBLRTM vs. pyrgeometerSGP2001.04.022003.04.16
qmemwrcolComparison of Water in the Column from MWR vs. Instrument ModelNSA, SGP, TWP1993.10.112004.07.05
radfluxanalRadiative Flux AnalysisFKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, MAO, NIM, NSA, PYE, SGP, TWP1994.01.072016.03.31
ripbeRadiatively Important Parameters Best EstimateSGP2002.03.012015.02.12
rlprofRaman LIDAR Vertical ProfilesSGP, TWP1998.03.012015.10.03
rwptempRWP-Based Virtual Temperature ProfileSGP1995.12.152006.05.14
sashelangleySolar Array Spectrometer (Hemispheric) Langley RegressionsASI2016.04.012017.03.31
sfccldgridSurface Cloud GridSGP1997.01.012009.11.25
sirosopdepthOptical Depth from SIROS instrumentsSGP2015.01.092015.02.12
sondeadjustSonde AdjustFKB, GAN, GRW, HFE, NIM, NSA, PGH, PVC, PYE, SBS, SGP, TWP1997.08.282015.02.12
sondecalcBalloon-borne sounding system (BBSS): recalculated wind/pressure/temp/RHSGP1994.04.072001.01.03
surfspecalbSurface Spectral AlbedoNSA, SGP1998.04.072015.02.12
swfluxanalShortwave Flux AnalysisNSA, SGP, TWP1993.09.012015.05.27
toacessTop of atmosphere (TOA): radiative flux data, after R. CessSGP1994.08.081994.12.11
twrmrTower Water-Vapor Mixing RatioSGP1998.04.012016.01.26
wacrarsclW-band Cloud Radar Active Remote Sensing of CloudAWR, FKB, GRW, HFE, MAO, NIM, PGH, PVC, TMP2006.03.162016.09.30
wsicloudWhole Sky Imager Cloud ProductsNSA, SGP, TWP1995.09.202004.01.12
ProductFull NameSite(s)StartEnd
MICROBASECloud Microbase-kazr Profiles (ka) VAPGAN, SGP2011.04.222012.02.08
BBHRPBroadband Heating Rate Profile Project (BBHRP)SGP2000.03.012006.02.28
MWRRETMWR Retrievals of Cloud Liquid Water and Water VaporMAG, PYE, SBS2005.02.012015.07.19
VARANALCMWG Data - SCM-Forcing Data, Cloud Microphysical Properties and Radiative Heating ProfilesGAN, HFE, MAO, NSA, SGP, TWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]
CLDCLASSCloud Classification VAPSGP1999.01.012001.12.31
MICROARSCLMicro-ARSCLGRW, NSA, SGP, TWP2007.05.012014.07.31
MPLCODMicroPulse LIDAR Cloud Optical Depth (MPLCOD)SGP1999.05.012004.05.14
RIPBERadiatively Important Parameters Best Estimate (RIPBE)SGP2002.03.012007.06.30
ACREDARM Cloud Retrieval Ensemble DataNSA, SGP, TWP1997.01.012009.06.30
MMCGPrecipitation Radar Moments Mapped to a Cartesian GridSGP, TWP2011.04.242011.12.16
AMTAerosol Modeling TestbedMCC2010.06.032010.06.28
CONVVConvective Vertical VelocitySGP2011.04.252011.05.23
MFRSRCIPMFRSR-Column Intensive PropertiesSGP2011.01.012011.12.30
CMACCorrected Precipitation Radar Moments in Antenna CoordinatesSGP, TWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]
QPEQuantitative Precipitation Estimates (QPE) from the CSAPRSGP, TWP2011.04.152011.09.30
VERVELSRVertical Air Motion during Large-Scale Stratiform RainNIM, SGP2006.06.092007.05.07
KAZRCALCalibrated KAZR DataGAN, NSA2011.10.062012.12.31
OACOMPOrganic Aerosol Component VAPSGP2011.01.082012.03.24
ARMBECritical soil quantities for describing land propertiesSGP1994.01.012012.12.31
MFRSRCLDODCloud Optical Properties from MFRSR Using Min AlgorithmNSA1999.03.162013.08.17
NAVBEARM Navigation Best Estimate 10 Hz (NAVBE) and 1-min (NAVBE1M) Value Added Products (VAP) for Ship Deployments ACX, MAG2012.09.222015.02.12
AMCMETHANEAmeriFlux and Methane VAPNSA, OLI2012.01.01[ N/A ]
AREALAVEALBAreal Average Albedo (AREALAVEALB)SGP2008.01.012012.12.31
MICROBASEENMICROBASE Ensemble Data Products (MICROBASEEN) for Cloud RetrievalsSGP2000.03.012000.03.31
SACRCORScanning ARM Cloud Radar Corrections (SACRCOR)PVC, SGP, TMP2012.08.012014.08.31
SACRSACR2 pre-CGA Ingested DataOLI2015.07.092015.07.24
CEILSHIPCORCeilometer Corrected for Ship Motion (CEILSHIPCOR)ACX, MAG2012.09.212015.02.12
HSRLSHIPCORHSRL Corrected for Ship Motion (HSRLSHIPCOR)ACX, MAG2012.09.212015.02.12
KAZRSHIPCORKAZR Corrected for Ship Motion (KAZRSHIPCOR)ACX, MAG2012.09.212015.02.12
MPLPOLFSSHIPCORMPL Corrected for Ship Motion (MPLPOLFSSHIPCOR)ACX, MAG2012.09.212015.02.12
MWACRSHIPCORMWACR Corrected for Ship Motion (MWACRSHIPCOR)ACX, MAG2012.09.212015.02.12
KAZRARSCLKAZR Active Remotely-Sensed Cloud Locations (KAZRARSCL)NSA, SGP, TWP2011.04.222013.12.31
MWRRETMicrowave Radiometer version 2 (MWRRETv2)SGP2015.01.012015.12.31
VAPFull NameSite(s)StartEnd
abrfcArkansas-Red Basin River Forecast CenterSGP1994.06.242016.05.23
goes-uthUpper Tropospheric Relative Humidity from GOES Satellite DataSGP, TWP2002.10.012016.05.11
goeswaterWater Profiles from GOES Satellite DataSGP1999.01.012006.06.27
lbtm-minnisMinnis Cloud Products Using LBTM AlgorithmSGP, TWP1994.04.052015.02.12
rapRapid Refresh Model DataSGP2012.05.012016.05.26
ssmiSpecial Sensor Microwave/ImagerGEC1990.12.082015.02.12
suomigpsSuomiNet Global Positioning SystemGEC, SGP2001.06.072016.05.13
tdmadapAerosol Properties derived from TDMA MeasurementsSGP2005.10.072009.05.31
visstMinnis Cloud Products Using Visst AlgorithmENA, FKB, GAN, HFE, MAO, NSA, PYE, SGP, TWP1998.05.012016.03.31
wpdngpsWind Profiler Demonstration Network GPSSGP1996.01.012016.05.26
Product NamePISite(s)StartEnd
Multispectral Thermal Imager (MTI)Cialella, AliceNSA, SGP2000.10.012003.05.02
Airborne Visible/Infrared Imaging Spectrometer (AVIRIS)Cialella, AliceSGP1997.08.011997.08.01
Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM)Cialella, AliceNSA, SGP, TWP1992.07.15[ N/A ]
ISCCP Cloud Data Around the ARM SitesHnilo, JustinFKB, NIM, NSA, PYE, SGP, TWP1992.01.012006.06.30
Barrow Radiation Data (2009 metric)Riihimaki, LauraNSA2008.01.012008.12.31
AERI Data Quality Metric (AERI-QC)Turner, DavidSGP[ N/A ][ N/A ]
DataHawk 1 data from COALA Engineering Evaluationde Boer, GijsOLI2014.10.092014.10.17