PI Product : Combined Retrieval, Microphysical Retrievals & Heating Rates

Microphysical retrievals and heating rates from the AMIE/Gan deployment using the PNNL Combined Retrieval.

The PNNL Combined Remote Sensor retrieval algorithm (CombRet) is designed to retrieve cloud and precipitation properties for all sky conditions. The retrieval is based on a combination of several previously published retrievals, with new additions related to the retrieval of cloud microphysical properties when only one instrument is able to detect cloud (i.e. radar only or lidar only).

Broadband radiative flux and heating rate files for the ARM Gan AMF deployment are available. Following the methodology of Mather et al. (2007) we input cloud and atmospheric profiles derived from ARM measurements to a radiative transfer model and calculate broadband flux and heating rate profiles, along with surface and top of atmosphere fluxes. There are two primary changes from the original version of the heating rate files that were used in several publications including Mather et al. (2007), McFarlane et al. (2007, 2008), and Mather and McFarlane (2009). First, and most importantly, we now use a combined radar-lidar cloud retrieval (CombRet) described above as input to the heating rate calculations rather than the radar-only retrieval used in Mather et al. (2007). Secondly, where available, we use the atmospheric thermodynamic profiles from the ARM merged sounding product (Troyan 2010).

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