PI Data Products

These data sets have been made available by ARM principal investigators (PI) or by others for use by the scientific community through the ARM Data Archive. These data are value-added products to particular ARM data sets or are derived research data of value to ARM science. To submit your own value-added data set, go to Data Product Registration and Submission.

If you are thinking of developing a product that would benefit the broader ARM science community, please consider following the ARM coding guidelines. If there is a need identified to develop your code as a standard ARM product, following these guidelines will greatly facilitate the process.

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Product NameInvestigatorSitesStartEndDate
Merged MMCR-WSR88D Reflectivities at SGPDong, XiquanSGP2000.03.162004.08.092008.03.05
Dead-time Corrected Disdrometer DataBartholomew, Mary JaneSGP, TWP2006.02.032007.12.312008.03.05
Aerosol Retrievals from ARM SGP MFRSR DataAlexandrov, MikhailSGP2000.01.012000.12.312008.01.15
Cloudnet ProjectHogan, RobinFKB, NIM, NSA, SGP, TWP2001.01.012006.12.312008.01.15
SCM Forcing Data Derived from NWP AnalysesJakob, ChristianTWP1999.01.012000.12.312008.01.15
A Model Evaluation Data Set for the Tropical ARM SitesJakob, ChristianTWP1999.01.012000.12.312008.01.15
ASRC RSS DataKiedron, PeterSGP1997.08.122006.03.302008.01.15
CCPP-ARM Parameterization Testbed Model Forecast DataKlein, StephenSGP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.01.15
Large Scale Ice Water Path and 3-D Ice Water ContentLiu, GuoshengSGP, TWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.01.15
Atmospheric State, Cloud Microphysics & Radiative FluxMace, GeraldNSA, SGP, TWP1997.01.012010.12.312008.01.15
Tropical Cloud Properties and Radiative Heating ProfilesMather, JamesTWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.01.15
Direct Aerosol Forcing UncertaintyMccomiskey, AllisonNSA, SGP, TWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.01.15
In-Situ Microphysics from the MPACE IOPMcFarquhar, GregNSA2004.10.052004.10.122008.01.15
Radiosondes Corrected for Inaccuracy in RH MeasurementsMiloshevich, LarrySGP2000.01.012005.12.312008.01.15
ARM-LBNL-NOAA Flask Sampler for Carbon Cycle GasesBiraud, SebastienSGP2002.04.022016.05.142008.01.15
CCRS Landcover Maps From Satellite DataTrishchenko, AlexanderSGP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.01.15
Surface Albedo/BRDF Parameters (Terra/Aqua MODIS)Trishchenko, AlexanderSGP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.01.15
NOAA PMEL Station Chemistry DataQuinn, PatriciaNSA, SGP1997.10.102005.10.212008.04.04
Radiative Flux AnalysisLong, ChuckFKB, NSA, PYE, SGP, TWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.05.14
1.6 Micron MFRSRMichalsky, JosephSGP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2008.07.23
Niamey Aerosol Optical DepthsFlynn, ConnorNIM2005.11.012007.01.312008.10.01
Niamey Dust ObservationsFlynn, ConnorNIM2006.01.012006.12.312008.10.01
Nauru Island Effect Detection Data SetLong, ChuckTWP2005.09.222011.12.312010.07.15
Continuous Forcing Data, Darwin, AustraliaJakob, ChristianTWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2010.09.22
ISDAC MicrophysicsMcFarquhar, GregNSA2008.04.012008.04.302011.07.25
NSA AERI Hatch Correction Data SetTurner, DavidNSA2000.01.012010.08.312012.03.23
Raman lidar/AERI PBL Height ProductFerrare, RichardSGP2009.01.012011.12.312012.12.14
Combined Retrieval, Microphysical Retrievals & Heating RatesFeng, ZheGAN2011.10.102012.02.082015.04.13
Cloud-Scale Vertical Velocity and Turbulent Dissipation Rate RetrievalsShupe, MatthewNSA[ N/A ][ N/A ]2013.05.22
SGP and TWP (Manus) Ice Cloud Vertical VelocitiesKalesse, HeikeSGP, TWP1997.01.012010.12.312013.06.27
Convective Available Potential Energy (CAPE), Convective Inhibition (CIN) ProductJensen, MichaelFKB, GRW, HFE, NIM, NSA, PYE, SGP, TWP[ N/A ][ N/A ]2013.10.10
Cloud Properties and Radiative Heating Rates for TWPComstock, JenniferTWP2002.01.012012.02.082013.11.07
In-Situ Microphysics from the RACORO IOPMcFarquhar, GregSGP2009.01.222009.06.292013.11.08
Planetary Boundary Layer from AERI and MPLSawyer, VirginiaSGP1996.06.142012.01.012014.02.13
Cloud Property Retrieval Products for Graciosa Island, AzoresDong, XiquanGRW2009.06.052010.12.312014.05.05
Finnish Meteorological Institute Doppler LidarO'Connor, EwanTMP2014.02.012014.09.162014.05.09
CSSEF ARMBERiihimaki, LauraARM, SGP2011.01.012011.12.312014.05.14
Merged and corrected 915 MHz Radar Wind Profiler momentsHelmus, JonathanSGP2012.06.012013.08.312014.06.24
AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile and Cloud Retrieval for MC3E Garber X-band site (I5)Turner, DavidSGP2011.04.202011.06.042014.11.06
AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile and Cloud Retrieval for MC3E Lamont X-band site (I6)Turner, DavidSGP2011.04.182011.06.042014.11.06
AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile and Cloud Retrieval for SGP CF during LABLE-2012Turner, DavidSGP2012.09.182012.11.132014.11.06
AERIoe Thermodynamic Profile and Cloud Retrieval for SGP CF during LABLE-2013Turner, DavidSGP2013.06.022013.07.082014.11.06
Soundings from SGP, June 2014 Sonde Comparison StudyJensen, MichaelSGP2014.06.032014.06.082015.03.06
Vaisala CL51 ceilometerOConnor, EwanTMP2014.04.102014.09.232015.04.01
Black Carbon aerosol mass concentration in snow and rain samples over Barrow in the ArcticKondo, YutakaNSA2013.07.032015.04.222016.02.12
Kinematic and Hydrometer Data Products from Scanning Radars during MC3EMatthews, AlyssaSGP2011.04.252011.05.232016.02.29
In-Situ Data for Microphysical Retrievals: TC4, 2007Mace, GeraldOSC[ N/A ][ N/A ]2016.03.14
Polarimetric Scattering Database for Non-spherical Ice Particles at Microwave Wavelengths Aydin, KulteginOSC[ N/A ][ N/A ]2016.06.20