Evaluation Product : Active Remote Sensing of Clouds from Ka-band ARM Zenith Radars

The Ka-band ARM Zenith Radars (KAZRs) have replaced the long-serving Millimeter Cloud Radars, or MMCRs. Accordingly, the primary MMCR Value Added Product (VAP), the Active Remote Sensing of CLouds (ARSCL) product, is being replaced by a KAZR-based version, the KAZR-ARSCL VAP. KAZR-ARSCL provides cloud boundaries and best-estimate time-height fields of radar moments. KAZR observations are corrected for water vapor attenuation and velocity aliasing and significant detection masks are produced. KAZR-ARSCL then combines the corrected KAZR measurements with observations from the micropulse lidar (MPL), ceilometer, soundings, rain gauge, and microwave radiometer (MWR) to produce two data streams, one with cloud base and cloud layer boundaries, and another which also includes best-estimate time-height fields of radar moments, and other fields.

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