Procedure for Submitting Science and Research Products to the Data Archive

  1. The Principal Investigator (PI) establishes contact with an ARM Translator to describe the data product.
  2. The Translator collects enough information to describe the PI Product within the Translator group; thereby resulting in assignment of the PI Product to a specific Translator and relevant Science Working Group.
  3. The Translator will coordinate with the Working Group Steering Committee to accept or reject the offering based on fit and utility.
  4. An Infrastructure Representative will be identified to work directly with the PI to adequately describe the PI Product:
    1. A brief informational description of the scientific or research scope of the product
    2. A Read-Me file that describes format and characteristics of the data set
    3. Pertinent science articles and references.
  5. The Translator notifies the PI of the disposition, and if accepted, the Infrastructure Representative will coordinate the submission of the PI Product data set to the Data Archive.
  6. The Archive will announce and host the PI Product for general use by the research community.