Campaign : Midlatitude Continental Convective Clouds Experiment (MC3E): Inner Domain Thermodynamic Profiling during MC3E

2011.04.22 - 2011.06.06

Lead Scientist : David Turner

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The improvement of convective parameterizations and the processes that are connected to convection are key areas of research for DOE in both ARM and the ASR programs and to NOAA. The MC3E provided a powerful and unique dataset for the study of the many different components of the convective cloud system: (1) pre-convective environment, (2) convective initiation, (3) updraft/downdraft dynamics, (4) condensate transport/detrainment/entrainment, (5) precipitation and cloud microphysics, (6) influence on the environment, (7) influence on the radiation, and (8) large-scale forcing. The additional temperature and humidity profiles offered by the AERIs at the X-band radar sites greatly augmented the MC3E dataset, and in particular helped address components (1), (2), (6), and (7) above.

Other Contacts

Anthony Del Genio
Scott Giangrande
Michael Jensen

Campaign Data Sets

IOP ParticipantData Source DescriptionFinal Data
TurnerAERI Retrieved Thermodynamic Profiles and Cloud Properties Order Data