Campaign : Winter Single Column Model IOP

1999.01.19 - 1999.02.08

Lead Scientist : David Randall

Data Availability

Actual data files for a number of past SCM IOPs are available from the ARM Archive under IOPs/UAV.

Cloud and Radiation Products Derived from Satellite Data

Colorado State's Single Column Modeling Home Page

For data sets, see below.


A second winter SCM IOP was conducted (1/19 - 2/8/99) to provide additional sampling of winter weather conditions. This was the first SCM IOP where AERIs and ceilometers were installed at the boundary facilities to give retrievals of temperature and moisture to supplement the sounding data. A table summarizing the sonde launches is available.

Other Contacts

Ric Cederwall, Scientific Support Contact Doug Sisterson, SGP CART Site Program Manager

Campaign Data Sets

IOP ParticipantData Source DescriptionFinal Data
Cederwallscm-forcing Order Data
Cederwallncdc-synop-maps Order Data