Campaign : Summer Single Column Model IOP

1999.07.12 - 1999.07.22

Lead Scientist : David Randall

Data Availability

Data Plots from Colorado State University

Data Plots from Livermore National Laboratory

Actual data files for a number of past SCM IOPs are available from the ARM Archive IOP Server

For data sets, see below.


An abbreviated SCM IOP of 10 days was conducted at the SGP July 12-22, 1999, in conjunction with the SGP99 Campaign by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The purpose of this 10-day SCM effort was to test how well remote sensing information can drive SCMs for convective cases. Four hundred sondes were launched, with only 14 soundings failing to ascend above 10,000 meters, and one sonde was missing. Most of the sonde problems were at Boundary Facility 1 (Hillsboro). A table summarizing the sonde launches is available.

Colorado State's Single Column Modeling Home Page

Other Contacts

Ric Cederwall, Scientific Support Contact Doug Sisterson, SGP CART Site Program Manager

Campaign Data Sets

IOP ParticipantData Source DescriptionFinal Data
Randallscm-forcing Order Data
Cederwallncdc-synop-maps Order Data