Campaign : Summer 1995 Single Column Model IOP

1995.07.01 - 1995.07.31

Lead Scientist : David Randall

Data Availability

Data Plots from Colorado State University

Data Plots from Livermore National Laboratory

Actual data files for a number of past SCM IOPs are available from the ARM Archive.

For data sets, see below.


These seasonal SCM IOPs are conducted at the Southern Great Plains to enhance the frequency of observations for SCM uses, particularly vertical soundings of temperature, water vapor, and winds. The SCM IOPs are conducted for a period of 21 days. During that time, radiosondes are launched at the Central Facility and the four boundary facilities eight times per day, seven days per week. The data are required for quantifying boundary forcing and column response.

Campaign Data Sets

IOP ParticipantData Source DescriptionFinal Data
Randallncdc-synop-maps Order Data
Cederwallscm-forcing Order Data