Campaign : Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment

2004.09.27 - 2004.10.21

Lead Scientist : Johannes Verlinde

For data sets, see below.


The major objective of the Mixed-Phase Arctic Cloud Experiment (M-PACE) was to collect a focused set of observations needed to advance our understanding of the dynamical and processes in mixed-phase arctic clouds, including cloud microphysical processes and radiative transfer through these clouds.

The M-PACE consisted of four surface-based sites the two DOE-ARM NSA sites Barrow and Atqasuk supplemented by another remote sensing site at Oliktok Point and a radiosonde site in the interior (see map). The Oliktok Point site was equipped with an ARM-like remote sensing facility, supplemented by a tethered balloon equipped with basic met, radiation and CPI capability. Aircraft equipped with the full complement of microphysical and radiation instruments documented cloud properties between these four points.

The University of North Dakota Citation was the in situ platform, while the DOE-ARM UAV served as a high-flying remote sensing platform. In addition to its standard set of microphysical measurement systems, the Citation was equipped with the NCAR CCN counter and the CSU IN counter, while the UAV had downward looking cloud radar, lidar and HIS in addition to its complement of in situ microphysical measurement systems.

Scientific Requirement (succinct statement of underlying hypothesis or technical goal for proposed research):


This experiment provided critical measurements to make progress in the development of retrieval algorithms for application at the North Slope. Moreover, it provided the physical understanding necessary to parameterize arctic cloud processes.

Campaign Data Sets

IOP ParticipantData Source DescriptionFinal Data
ZakTether Sonde Order Data
BahrmannMETAR Order Data
ToomanProteus Order Data
MorrisTotal Sky Imager Order Data
McFarquharMicrophysical Cloud Properties-McFarquhar-Zhang Order Data
TurnerMWR Retrievals Order Data
XieConstrained Variational Objective Analysis Data Order Data
HeymsfieldCitation Order Data
XieEuropean Centre for Medium Range Forecasting Order Data
DeMottCFDC Order Data
LongSurface Flux Analysis Order Data
PoellotCitation Order Data
Oechelameriflux-ecor Order Data
XieEta Model Runs Order Data
Minnisvisst Order Data
CadedduMicrowave Radiometer Profiler Order Data
TurnerAERI Order Data
VerlindeBalloon-borne sounding system(s) Order Data
MatherPARSL Order Data
KokCitation Order Data