The ARM Climate Research Facility provides the scientific community, through our proposal process, the opportunity to conduct field campaigns that focus on advancing science or research in support of the ARM mission.


10 Aug 2016
Smaller campaigns continue to be accepted and will be reviewed on a quarterly basis.
20 Jun 2016
Proposal deadline guidance revised through October 2017.
3 Nov 2015
New guidelines have been posted.

How Do I Propose a Campaign?

  1. First, review the guidelines for submitting proposals.
  2. Next, submit a preproposal; a short summary of the proposed campaign.
  3. Wait for a response from the Infrastructure Management Board (IMB).
  4. A full proposal or science plan may be requested.
  5. Decision is made—now what is expected?

Where Do I Send the Data?

To deliver your campaign data, see Submitting Field Campaign Data and Metadata.